10 Pictures of George the Kat Playing Dress Up

10 Pictures of George the Kat Playing Dress UpI love cats. I love sharing pictures of them and looking at pictures of them and generally all things cats. They seem to take any crappy day and turn it into a delightful one. They reduce my stress, and I love the grumpy “cat-attude” many cats have.

With the internet, we have been introduced to so many cats who have become instantly famous. If you’re on Instagram and you follow the #CatsofInstagram hash-tag, you will come into contact with some pretty fun cats.

I’ve recently met Sam, the cat with eyebrows, through Instagram,¬†and now I’d like to introduce you to another cat — George.

George is a gorgeous white fluffy cat with beautiful blue eyes. That alone would be enough for me to fall in love, but there is something extra special about George…he loves to play dress up. He at least tolerates it, which is not something you can say about most cats.

On George’s Instagram account, you will find pictures of his latest dress up session. He has a fun sense of style and will put a huge smile on your face.

Take a look at these 10 pictures of George the Kat playing dress up:

  • Breaking Bad 1 of 10
    Breaking Bad
    Watch out for George who's breaking the law inspired by Hank from Breaking Bad
    Photo credit: George theKat/Instagram
  • Be Loved 2 of 10
    Be Loved
    "I jus juan to be luved.". You are George, you are!
    Photo credit: George theKat/Instagram
  • Bunny Rabbit 3 of 10
    Bunny Rabbit
    George is an angry bunny and his friend Benny chose to be an octopus today.
    Photo credit: George theKat/Instagram
  • Party Time 4 of 10
    Party Time
    There is no doubt, George the Kat knows how to party.
    Photo credit: George theKat/Instagram
  • Flower Cat 5 of 10
    Flower Cat
    Okay, can you get cuter than this? I don't think so . Cute flower cat and a giraffe baby... swoon.
    Photo credit: George theKat/Instagram
  • Bane 6 of 10
    "No one cared who I was until I put on the mask."
    Photo credit: George theKat/Instagram
  • Avengers 7 of 10
    The whole gang is there to protect the candy with George as Captain America.
    Photo credit: George theKat/Instagram
  • Dumbo 8 of 10
    Oh the most lovable elephant who can fly is what George wants to be today.
    Photo credit: George theKat/Instagram
  • Party Time 9 of 10
    Party Time
    George is taking a little break from dress up and is chilling in the sun.
    Photo credit: George theKat/Instagram
  • Woody Cat 10 of 10
    Woody Cat
    The Sheriff's in town as George dresses up as the most likeable Woody from Toy Story
    Photo credit: George theKat/Instagram

Photo credits: GeorgeTheKat / Instagram. used with permission


Article Posted 4 years Ago

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