10 Pups React To Chris Christie’s Bridgegate!

With New Jersey Governor Chris Christie set to take the podium this afternoon to deliver the State of the State address, many political hounds say he will try to divert attention away from the BridgeGate scandal and call new matters into view. For those not familiar with the scandal, the Governor’s top staff members’ emails became public outlining how they purposely caused mass traffic jams in Fort Lee, N.J. after the town’s mayor declined endorsing Christie last year during his campaign. A scene out of Scandal? Perhaps, but one thing is certain, this has not only caused the Governor’s political prospects to come into question, it has enraged citizens, whether they think Christie was responsible or not. And when people get upset, we all know their dogs know it.

So it isn’t surprising that our pups, who have undoubtedly been listening to this news story over and over this past week have had enough. Frankly many of them are sick of hearing about it, and some of them have their own feelings on the whole shebang. (Our Django and Hayley are only interested in their next treat, but they are non-political anyway.) But wow, these pups below have some strong opinions!

Check them out here:

  • Don’t Say It Didn’t Affect Us! 1 of 10
    bridgegate dogs

    Listen up Christie, you do realize that while thousands of humans were stranded in traffic, hundreds of pups just like me, were patiently waiting at home with very filled bladders? And not a wee wee pad in sight!

    Image: Flickr

  • Seriously, People? 2 of 10

    Yes, not all of us dogs get along. But I can guarantee you that none of us would ever hurt our own kind for no good reason? I mean, if you steal my bone, that's one thing but if you don't vote for me for King Pup, I couldn't care less!

    Image: Flickr

  • Hey Gov, Remember Dog Seatbelts? 3 of 10
    dog bridgegate

    We remember your words about dog seatbelts, but in case, you've forgotten, let's refresh your memory. "It's the stupidest thing I've ever heard!" Hmmm, kind of makes me feel a little (OK a lot!) less sympathetic about your plight.

    Image: Flickr

  • We Follow Pack Mentality 4 of 10
    dog bridgegate

    And that means all for one and one for all. We each know what the other is doing, and we support each other. Can you say the same Governor?

    Image: Flickr

  • I Know I Shouldn’t Laugh 5 of 10
    dog bridgegate

    But, ha ha ha ha, you'll never catch us canines getting involved in politics. We hear it's a dog eat dog world out there!

    Image: Flickr

  • Are You Kidding Me? 6 of 10
    dog bridgegate

    And now this Christie wants to keep my kids away from me even longer? He wants to extend the school day? Oh no, something has got to be done... might have to utilize my Jersey canines. Stronger than the storm, my tail!

    Image: Flickr

  • Take It Easy, Big Fella 7 of 10
    dog bridgegate

    Listen, he's not a bad guy and might not be responsible. But I agree, the longer school day thing is not cool! That will surely cut into my after school grooming hour.

    Image: Flickr

  • Let Me Get This Straight 8 of 10
    dog bridegegate

    The scandal is being called "Bridge Gate," and the woman who started it all is named Bridget? You silly humans, how do you make these things up?

    Image: Flickr

  • The Intellectual Perspective 9 of 10
    dog bridgegate

    When all is said and done, after a thorough examination of the facts, the truth always comes out. It always does, even among humans.

    Image: Flickr

  • The Peaceful Pup 10 of 10
    dog bridgegate

    We all make mistakes. I mean, who among us hasn't bitten first without thinking or stolen a table scrap or two? But remember karma is real.

    Image: Flickr

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