10 Random Household Items That Double as Kitten Toys

Gmork has been so much fun to watch, and I am impressed by how quickly he is growing and changing. Kittens are the best, and, just like toddlers, they tend to get everything into everything — and that’s exactly what he does.

When we first brought him home, he had so much energy, I was worried this guy would never sleep. Since then, he’s calmed down a lot as he’s had a lot more room to explore and expel his energy so he does actually sleep now. He has been amazing for our older cat, Ariel, and watching the two of them play together has been the most fun thing ever.

When he came home, we bought a few toys for him to play with, and the shelter where we adopted him gave us some of his toys as well. Turns out, he didn’t need much of anything anyway because he can make a toy out of nearly anything!

Click through to see which 10 random household items my kitten loves to play with:

  • 10 Household Items My Kitten Loves to Play With 1 of 11

    He's a wonderfully fun kitten and makes entertainment out of anything.

    Photo credit: © Devan McGuinness

  • Cotton Balls 2 of 11

    I have a bag of them still in their sleeve, and Gmork picked it up and has been carrying it around like he's caught a mouse or something.

  • Socks 3 of 11

    Rolled up and kid-sized are his favorites! He bats them around all over the floor and carries them in his mouth.

  • Shoelaces 4 of 11

    Totally annoying that he decides to play with them as you're trying to tie them.

  • Tissues 5 of 11

    Have you had a kid who pulls them out and onto the floor for no reason? Gmork does the same thing!

  • Cereal 6 of 11

    I have three kids, and sometimes they're messy with their cereal and it lands on the floor in the dining room. Gmork loves to find the pieces and throw them all over the place.

  • Crayons 7 of 11

    It's the funniest thing ever — he picks them up in his mouth, throws them in the air, chases them around the floor and has so much fun doing it.

  • My Toes 8 of 11

    Always when I am trying to sleep, Gmork pounces on my feet when I am sleeping.

  • My Kids’ Toys 9 of 11

    My son hates it because when he's playing quietly with his Lego, Gmork will come in and take a piece of it and run off. He also loves to play with the girls' dolls!

  • Curtains 10 of 11

    I've never seen a cat climb up the curtains or screen doors before, and yet Gmork is a master!

  • Cardboard Boxes 11 of 11

    We've been getting a lot of deliveries lately since we're preparing for a baby to come in the house, so we have a lot of boxes. Gmork loves to play with them — climb on top and inside and generally have a great time — just like toddlers!

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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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