10 Reasons Cats Will Always Run the Internet

cats on the internetIf you’re on the internet, it’s usually for one of three things: checking a random question you’re too embarrassed to ask (probably on WebMD), you’re reading stories and news about the world, or you’re looking at cats.

Cats may sound like a random look-up, but if you’re familiar with the internet, you’ll know that cats are considered king. Why? No one really knows, but the truth is if you want to have your site viewed or your post shared, it is more likely to become a hit if there’s a cat involved.

Think of all the cat-celebrities we’ve met over the past few years thanks to the internet. We’ve got Grumpy Cat, Maru, Snoopy Cat, Lil Bub, Sam the Cat with Eyebrows, Henri the Existential Cat, Colonel Meow — and that’s just naming the ones that first come to mind. When you think about other pets how many famous once can you name?

Biddy the Hedgehog, Menswear Dog, and the Dramatic Chipmunk are the only ones that come to the top of my mind right away. Yes, there are others but the point is — cats clearly rule the internet. If you think that’s going to change anytime soon, oh sweetie, you’re so wrong. Cats will always run the internet and for very valid reasons.

1. They’re so mysterious and we’re so curious

Have you ever just sat quietly and watched a cat? They catch our attention because we can’t figure them out. No matter how often we stare and watch, they’ll always do something that surprises us. I mean, do you know how they even purr or why? Also, why do they always sit even when they clearly don’t fit?

sad cat
Photo credit: hosted on Imgur Gallery. Shared with their permission.

2. They make us happy, even when they’re not

Sure, dogs and other pets can help improve our mood, but there’s something special about the cat’s ability to turn our sads into happiness. If you’re feeling down, all you need to do is turn to the internet and the cats will take care of you. They’re all over, which is already a bonus, but they’re universally able to make us happier — whether they are or not.

3. Cats are the most popular domestic animal

It’s all in the numbers, folks. Cats are the most owned domestic animal in the world and given that stat, they’re bound to be more all over the internet instead of other animals.

4. Cats have the personalities of the most popular reality stars

Over the past ten years or so, we’ve seen a huge influx of new television shows that center around real people. We have reality shows following around interesting people, rich people, people looking for love, and all sorts of other crazy reality shows. Why? We like seeing the fun personalities and connecting with interesting people. Guess what — our love of reality TV stars translates into why cats will always run the internet. They’re the original TV personalities — strange, unique lives, and we just can’t seem to figure them out.

5. Cats are owned by introverts and introverts run the internet

Want to know a secret? Okay, so it’s not really a secret, but I am an introvert. I love time by myself and like to do things in my own way and time. With all that time to myself I am probably on the internet — I mean, I even work on the internet. Does that personality sound like someone else you know — cats? Yep — cats are introverts by nature and given many people who hang out on the internet are too, it’s a clear sign the introverted pets will always run this space too.

GIF credit: hosted on Imgur Gallery. Shared with their permission.

6. Cats don’t have any shame

Cats have always allowed us to use them as a vessel for a laugh. It doesn’t matter how silly they look or feel or whatever, they’re always game to give us a giggle. Cat memes run wild on the internet because of this.

7. Cats are the good guy and the bad guy

You know how some people root for the good guy and other people just want to see the bad guy come ahead once in a while. It’s like an awesome movie plot-twist we never saw coming and when it comes to cats — it doesn’t matter who you’re trying to appeal to because cats can be the good guy and the bad guy. They’re one in the same. Just look at Grumpy Cat — she’s a good guy because, hello adorable! But, she’s also the bad guy because she’s just so grumpy.

8. Cats never look like they’re trying too hard

We as people do not like show offs, and we don’t like people on the internet who just look like they’re trying way too hard. That’s why the internet will always love cats — they just effortlessly rule and that’s why they’ll never go away. It takes no effort on their part, and we love them for it.

9. They start the trends

Cats on clothes. Cats as guitars. Cats as our favorite TV show characters. Cats posing as our favorite men. Cats dressed as hipsters. I mean, all these trends are huge thanks to one thing — cats.

10. Because — this:

Enough said.

Photo credit: hosted on Imgur Gallery. Shared with their permission.

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