10 Reasons Dogs Are Better Than Cats

I have made it no secret that I am by far more a ‘cat person‘ than a ‘dog person’. That doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate all the cute, awesome and cool things that make dogs loveable as well.

Since, I am trying to see both sides of the coin, I started thinking about our “man’s best friend” to see if I could come up with any reasons why they may be better than a cat. It was hard, if I’m being honest because I just don’t see how anything can come close to the awesomeness that is a cat, but I did come up with some reasons.

Click through to read 10 reasons why dogs are better than cats:

  • Always Happy 1 of 10
    Always Happy
    It really is rare to see a grumpy dog, unlike cats where it's rare to see a happy one.
    Photo credit: grantlairdjr via Flickr
  • Variety of Sizes 2 of 10
    Variety of Sizes
    There are a variety of different sizes so you can choose a breed that suits your family. Cats really just come in one size.
    Photo credit: 23am via Flickr
  • Good Protectors 3 of 10
    Good Protectors
    Dogs are really good at protecting you. Whether it be from a fire, a thief any other harm, dogs will be there. Cats just look after themselves.
    Photo credit: epsos via Flickr
  • Good Kisses 4 of 10
    Good Kisses
    Dogs give really sweet kisses and if you like slobber ones, they are good at that.
    Photo credit: rogerajohnson via Flickr
  • No Litter Box 5 of 10
    No Litter Box
    Unlike cats who will always poop in your house, once dogs are trained they don't stink up your bathroom.
    Photo credit: laserstars via Flickr
  • They Like Water 6 of 10
    They Like Water
    Cats hate water which can be not so much fun. Dogs on the other hand, love it.
    Photo credit: mr_t_in_dc via Flickr
  • They Keep You Fit 7 of 10
    They Keep You Fit
    Dogs are better for keeping you in an active lifestyle. Cats sleep most of the time.
    Photo credit: /tambako via Flickr
  • They Think They Are Human 8 of 10
    They Think They Are Human
    One of the fun things about dogs is they really believe they are human and treat you just as them. Cats think they are better than us.
    Photo credit: kb35 via Flickr
  • You Can Train Them 9 of 10
    You Can Train Them
    You can train a dog to sit, roll over, play fetch and more fun things. Cats don't care what you want them to do.
    Photo credit: skycaptaintwo via Flickr
  • They Don’t Usually Sit on your Stuff 10 of 10
    They Don't Usually Sit on your Stuff
    Dogs love to climb up on your lap and cuddle, but they are no where as annoying as cats are. Cats will sit on anything that has your attention where dogs are usually more respectful.
    Photo credit: deerwooduk via Flickr

Photo credit: Bruce W Martin II on Flickr

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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