10 Reasons Why Getting Your Kids a Pony Will Banish Boredom Forever!

Who doesn’t love ponies?

They’re little, they’re sassy, and they eat about one quarter the amount of a full-size horse, making them a more affordable option for equine lovers around the world. Also, because they eat less, they poop less. If I could adopt one motto for my life it would be “Less Poop!”

If you have a small person, ponies are four legged doldrum-deleters! The first word that comes to mind with ponies is FUN. Ponies are fun to ride. Also, ponies are safer than you would think. They are bred to be vertically challenged, shortening the distance from the saddle to the ground. Ponies are also soft, making petting and brushing an enjoyable activity.  Ponies are great teachers of respect, discipline, and responsibility. From a physical aspect, ponies are well-known for that adorable combination of short legs attached to a big belly.  Even if the pony is a rotten little bastard who tries to bite and kick any humanoid in close proximity, he is still fun to look at from afar. Because… ponies.


If your pony is standing forlornly in the the backyard, looking bored with life in PonyLand, consider implementing these fun activities into your time with your tiny-hoofed treasure. If you don’t have a pony, you are probably missing out of some of the best stuff life has to offer. Now I kind of feel sad for you and the only thing to make me happy is a slideshow of ponies. Hence:

10 Ways to Have an Awesome Time with Your Pony!


  • #1. Harness your pony to a cart! 1 of 10

    Is anything cuter than ponies pulling carts? Me thinks not. Driving your pony is a wonderful activity, particularly if you are too big to ride your pony. And look at those tiny blinders. This pony means serious business.


    (Photo by Johi Kokjohn-Wagner)

  • #2. Chase a goat. 2 of 10

    This pony is multitasking brilliantly, making it obvious to me that she is a female. She is not only pulling that cart with grace, she is simultaneously herding her goat. I love this pony. I love her hard.


    (Photo and gif by Johi Kokjohn-Wagner)

  • #3. Share your pony. 3 of 10
    Gnome Pone

    Sharing is caring. Gnomes like ponies too, ya know.

    My kids will probably need therapy because I pull crap like this all the time.


    (Photo by the meanest mom ever, Johi Kokjohn-Wagner)

  • #4. Incorporate your pony into your Halloween costumes. 4 of 10
    HalloweenPonies (1)

    Dress up and get on your pony! Why wouldn't you do this?


    (Photo by Johi Kokjohn-Wagner)

  • #5. Dress up your actual pony. 5 of 10

    I so wish I could knit.


    (Awesome photo by I want to visit Scotland now)

  • #6. Teach your pony tricks! 6 of 10
    trick pony (1)

    This could be a profitable venture, particularly if you want to work in the circus or as a rodeo clown!


    (Photo by Johi Kokjohn-Wagner)

  • #7. Have fun in Photoshop with your pony. 7 of 10

    Most people would have to use Photoshop to create an image like this. Not Patti. This is her actual life. I call her pony a "Unipone" (part unicorn, part pony).


    (Photo from Insane in the Mom-Brain)

  • #8. Photograph your pony. 8 of 10
    Confessions of a Corn Fed Girl

    Ponies are excellent subject matter for photography, especially when they are blowing bubbles.


    (Photo by Johi Kokjohn-Wagner)

  • #9. Take a walk in the rain. 9 of 10
    the rain

    Exercise and bath time, combined!


    (Photo by Johi Kokjohn-Wagner)

  • #10. RIDE LIKE THE WIND! 10 of 10
    Little Girl on Pony

    Or just sit up there in your hot pink cowgirl duds and look totes adorbs.

    OMG. There is zebra print on the saddle. I'm dying.


    (Photo by Shelly Jury)


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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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