10 Telltale Signs You’ve Gotten a New Kitten

I am loving life with a new kitten in the house! It’s been a long time since we’ve had a little one in the house and it’s all coming back to me just how much work a new kitten is. I am still really getting to know our older adopted cat Ariel, who has been a part of our family for 6 months, and she’s amazing too, but I have to say this kitten phase is a whole new thing for me.

Truthfully, even if I wanted to keep the fact we got a new kitten in the house a secret, there are some obvious signs that Gmork is in our home. It seems no matter how much you want to keep life the same, kittens are bound to change things and those signs become evident to everyone.

Click through to read 10 telltale signs you’ve got a new kitten in the house, even if you’re trying to hide it:

  • 10 Telltale Signs You’ve Gotten a New Kitten 1 of 11

    It's clear even if you've not shared the news yet.

  • You’re Covered in Scratches 2 of 11

    Little ones all over your hands and arms -- we all know kittens love to play and their claws are crazy big.

  • All Your Furniture Is Ripped or Broken Looking 3 of 11

    Kittens are fast balls of energy with no regard for where the plants, lamps, rugs, or couches are. If you're furniture and accessories are starting to look busted, it's probably because you've got a new kitten.

  • You’ve Taken all the Curtains Down 4 of 11

    We all know that kittens love to climb up and when there are curtains hanging, that's the first place they will run up.

  • All Your Windows Stay Shut 5 of 11

    If you've had a new kitten you will know they love to run on the window screens so we know if your windows are always shut, there's a new kitten there.

  • You Are Tired! 6 of 11

    If you're acting as fired as a new parent and we know you don't have a new baby in the house, we all assume it's a new baby kitten. They love to keep you awake!

  • You Smile More 7 of 11

    Kittens are adorable and cuddly and if you're smiling more, we'll believe it's because you're getting more kisses and cuddles from your kitten.

  • You’re Baby Talking Again 8 of 11

    An annoying habit some new parents do and when you're a new parent to a kitten, you baby talk too.

  • Your Emails Have Typos 9 of 11

    If you're not typically one to make a lot of typos in your emails, but recently there have been extra letters and spaces where there shouldn't be -- it's probably because you have a new kitten. They especially love to attack your fingers as you type and sit on your keyboard.

  • You Duck With Unexpected Noises 10 of 11

    If you're ducking when there's an unexpected noise, it's a sign you've got a new kitten. The way they come out of no where fast and jump on you, claws out, it's no wonder you're so jumpy!

  • You’re Making Excuses to Not Leave the House 11 of 11

    If it's not normally difficult to get you out of the house, yet suddenly it's a struggle, it's probably because you've got a new kitten. It's hard to leave the house with a new one because 1) they're so cute and 2) they will destroy your house if you're not there.

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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