10 Easy Ways to Pamper Your Pup

As pet owners, we love to indulge our pups. If you take a look at the many doggie spas, daycares, clothing products, and accessories, you’ll quickly find out that Americans absolutely love their dogs and will do anything to make them happy.

But, even though the expensive products and services are enjoyable for our pups, there is no need to spend a fortune on pampering your pooch.

In honor of National Dog Day, we compiled a list of 10 ways you can pamper your pup at little to no expense. Your dog will love you for it.

Of course, your dog will love you anyway, even without a special pampering session!

  • Because EVERY dog deserves a little spoiling! 1 of 11
    pamper your dog
  • Plush Bed 2 of 11
    pamper your dog

    ... Or your bed will do quite nicely, too! My dog, Django, sleeps in my bed every single night since she came home with us as an 8-week-old pup. My older dog, Hayley, is 10 years old and prefers to sleep in her own plush orthopedic bed, which helps her arthritis. Find out where and how your dogs likes to sleep, and then pamper away with soft blankies and pillows.

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  • Home-Cooked Meal 3 of 11
    pamper dog

    On my dogs' birthdays, they get people food for dinner. Sometimes it's a bit of steak or chicken. On Thanksgiving and Christmas, they always get a piece (or two or three!) of our special meal because they are part of our family and if we are celebrating, so are they!
    Image: Flickr/Jamiriquai 

  • Toys R Awf! 4 of 11
    pamper your dog

    There are countless doggie toys on the market today but nothing beats a good, old-fashioned ball or frisbee.

    Image: Flickr/stringberd 

  • Dental Treatments 5 of 11
    pamper your dog

    I know. A dental treatment doesn't sound like much fun for any canine (or human, for that matter). Yet regular dental treatments help keep your dog's mouth clean and healthy. Not only that, but it helps protect your dog from heart disease and other serious illnesses. If you can't do a full dental treatment at the vet, get into the habit of brushing your dog's teeth. Many dogs don't mind if you use peanut butter-flavored toothpaste!

    Image: Flickr/ roxymags

  • Long Car Ride 6 of 11
    pamper dog

    It's not just us humans that enjoy a good road trip. If your dog loves a leisurely car ride, pick a good weather day to take your pup out for a trip. Make sure they are properly secured. It can be part of a destination pampering day because ...

    Image: Flickr/abbey*christine

  • Day at the Park 7 of 11
    pamper dog

    What dog doesn't love to run in the green grass or along the coast? Feel free to end your car trip at a local park or beach.

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  • Dive In 8 of 11
    pamper dog

    There is nothing better than a cool dip on a hot day. If you don't have a full-sized pool for your pup to swim in, a baby pool from the local pharmacy will do. If your dog likes water, he will adore a pool specially for him or her only. And of you can't get a baby pool, a good afternoon of fun with the hose will do, too.

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  • Special Treats 9 of 11
    pamper your dog

    My dog goes insane over tiny dog biscuits. She likes some brands better than others, but anything that is pepperoni flavored will send her into a frenzy to get them. My son plays a game where he hides them on top of the window sill, behind the couch, or even on my head, and she sniffs them out. There aren't many things that make her happier than that.

    Image: Flickr/ Brown Eyed Baker

  • Create Your Own Doggie Spa 10 of 11
    pamper dog

    Keeping a clean coat, free of matted fur, dirt, and debris, makes a dog feel great. Regular grooming visits improve your pup's well-being and comfort. If your dog isn't the type that needs a cut, bathe him/her with doggie shampoo and brush their coats thoroughly.

    Image: Flickr/dog grooming

  • Hugs & Cuddles 11 of 11
    pamper dog

    Every dog loves a good cuddle. Whether your pup is tea-cup sized or extra large, dogs need affection. What dog wouldn't love a day of cuddles and hugs?

    Image: Flickr/ greeblie

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