8 Ways to Wear Bulldogs

8 Ways to Wear BulldogsI have never been what I consider fashion-forward, nor do I really know the trends before they become all over the place.

I think choosing clothes and your sense of style are great ways to express who you are. You can put yourself in a better mood with the right color combinations, you can show off your assets with the right cut and you can say a lot with what fabric and patterns you choose.

When it comes to expressing your love for animals, there are so many fun ways to do just that. I’ve shown you a few different ways you can wear cats, and now I bring you 8 different ways you can wear your favorite dog breed — bulldogs.

They’re cute, powerful and make the perfect addition to your outfit. You’ll be the talk of the town, the center of attention and totally fashion-forward. Check out these 8 different ways to wear bulldogs:

  • Bulldog Window Decal 1 of 8
    Bulldog Window Decal
    Show your bulldog love to everyone you meet with this window decal.
    Go get one for yourself from OokInk, Etsy $5
  • Bulldog Necklace 2 of 8
    Bulldog Necklace
    The bulldog necklace is the perfect accessory for any outfit.
    Go get one for yourself from GirlBurkeStudios, Etsy $30
  • Bulldog Shirt 3 of 8
    Bulldog Shirt
    Keep cozy and cute in this bulldog sweater.
    Go get one for yourself from Nicola and the Newfoundlander, Etsy $36
  • Bulldog Nails 4 of 8
    Bulldog Nails
    If you want to show your love, but don't want it to be overly noticeable.
    Go get one for yourself from Special Occasions and Gifts Online Boutique, Etsy $1.99
  • Bulldog Socks 5 of 8
    Bulldog Socks
    Just brilliant... no other words.
    Go get one for yourself from Animal Den, $10.95
  • Bulldog Shoes 6 of 8
    Bulldog Shoes
    Get your own custom bulldog shoes and you'll be the talk of town.
    Go get one for yourself from Eclipsed05 , Contact for details
  • A Bulldog Hat 7 of 8
    A Bulldog Hat
    Keep warm and stylish in this winter hat!
    Go get one for yourself from UMD Stores, $17.49
  • A Whole Outfit 8 of 8
    A Whole Outfit
    For the hardcore bulldog lover -- get this whole outfit!
    Go get one for yourself from Barney's


Article Posted 4 years Ago

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