100,000 Ducks Stop Traffic to Cross Street in Must-See Video

100,000 Ducks Stop Traffic To Cross Street (Must See Viral Video)When you gotta go, you gotta go. Not only did this incredible herd of ducks decide they had to go, but they had to go now! Cars be damned! This video went viral after capturing 100,000 (yes, 100,000!) ducks crossing the street at the same time in Thailand.

Jack Saranthat filmed a non-stop stream of ducks waddling their way through downtown Thailand. The clip is entitled, “They stand up to protest. Hundred thousand ducks (people) close the street.”

Once you get over the horror movie aspect of being caught in a stream of 100,000 birds, it’s pretty funny. It actually mimics Manhattan at lunch time. While we have street lights to direct us, the hordes of foot traffic hold up New York City cars much in the same way.

But these savvy ducks are in no need of red lights. Notice how there is a lull in the immense duck crossing allowing cars to inch up just a bit and then it’s full speed ahead with the duck parade.

A new phenomenon? Maybe. But perhaps, these feathered fellas were just taking a group walk.

Image: YouTube

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