11 Halloween Dangers to Your Pet

Halloween is a fun time, but it can also be a dangerous one for your pet. All of the excitement, costumes, and candy present unique hazards to animals. But by being aware and taking some precautions you, your family, and your pets can all have a safe and fun Halloween.

Here are 11 dangers to your pet associated with Halloween and how to avoid them. Share this with your friends to help keep everyone’s pets safe this Halloween!

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    halloween pet dangers
  • Chocolate and Candy 2 of 12

    Chocolate is hazardous to pets, and the artificial sweeter Xylitol is toxic even in rather small mounts. Thus, keeping your pet out of the candy is of utmost importance.  Tell children to keep candy out of the reach of pets, and place the candy bowl in a pet-safe location.


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  • Plastic Candy Bags 3 of 12

    Plastic bags and  snack bags pose a suffocation hazard to your pet.  Pets put their faces in bags such as these in order to try to retrieve treats. When they do so, the bag often becomes stuck over the pet's head leading to a lack of air. Always keep any sort of food or snack bag away from your pets.


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  • Plastic Pumpkins 4 of 12

    Just like plastic bags, plastic pumpkins can cause suffocation. A pet can get his or head stuck in the pumpkin and become injured trying to push it back off again. Keep the pumpkins up high and put them away safely after use.


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  • Pet Costume Parts 5 of 12

    Pet costumes are cute and fun, but they also often have feathers, frills, and strings that can present a hazard if consumed or caught in your pet's paws. Always supervise your pet while he or she is in costume and check for any loose parts.  


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  • Constricting Pet Costumes 6 of 12

    Pet costumes can also be constrictive. Be sure that the costume fits so that your pet is comfortable and not at risk of injury from tight portions of the garment. 


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  • Children Trick or Treating 7 of 12

    Children may mean well, but they can be frightening to your pet, especially when they approach your pet in costume. Avoid problems by keeping your pet away in another room during trick or treat time.


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  • Open Doors 8 of 12

    With the door opening and closing for trick or treaters, your pet's opportunities for escape increase. Avoid a lost pet by keeping your cat or dog away from the door. Shutting your pet in a quiet room for the evening is often the best option. Also be sure that your pet has proper identification.   


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  • Doorbell Anxiety 9 of 12

    Many pets become excited or anxious when the doorbell rings. Avoid this by sitting at the door to prevent people from having the need to ring the bell, and keep your pet in another part of your home while handing out candy.  


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  • Candles 10 of 12

    Candles can cause accidental fires and burns should a pet knock over a jack-o-lantern or wag a tale into the flame. Keep your pets away from the pumpkins and always extinguish the candles if you are unable to monitor them.  


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  • Electrical Wires 11 of 12

    Electrical cords for decorations can be tempting chew toys or play things for pets. Keep your pets away from them and always unplug those items when you are not there to monitor them.  


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  • Candy Wrappers 12 of 12

    Candy wrappers present a choking hazard to your pet. They also can contain traces of candy that are harmful or toxic to pets. Be sure to promptly throw away all wrappers.


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