12 Cats Mesmerized by the Rain

12 Cats Mesmerized by the Rain Whoa, scary weather friends!

If you live on the East Coast of the U.S chances are you’ve heard all about the impending (or currently happening) “frankenstorm” Hurricane Sandy we’re all bracing ourselves for.

I have been sitting here watching the Weather Channel and thankful that we’re not near the areas that will be hit the hardest, but we’ve been warned that heavy winds and rainfall may hit soon and could take out power. I’m happy to be here with the kids and my cats and not out there where it’s wet and cold.

If you’re in the path of the hurricane, be sure to stay safe — for you and your pets, don’t over look those guys (see: 10 Pet Safety Tips for Hurricane Sandy). If you’re finding ourself not near the super danger zone, you may sit back and enjoy the rainfall — I know my cats will be glued to the windows watching the rain fall.

It’s a favorite pass time of my two furry-loves and it seems to be a trait for many cats.

Click through to see 12 cats who are mesmerized by the rain

  • Troubled Two 1 of 12
    Troubled Two
    Two cats for the price of one looking down on all the rain.
    Photo credit: KellyReeves/Flickr
  • Curious 2 of 12
    This sweet cat is wondering where all that wet stuff is coming from.
    Photo credit: KellyReeves/Flickr
  • What’s All That? 3 of 12
    What's All That?
    Sweet cat wondering what all those people are doing outside.
    Photo credit: Saucy Salad/Flickr
  • Intense 4 of 12
    Little one looking quite intensely at all the rain.
    Photo credit: KellyReeves/Flickr
  • Not Happy, Not Moving 5 of 12
    Not Happy, Not Moving
    He's likely not too happy about all that rain, but doesn't seem to want to do anything about it.
    Photo credit: Janet 59/Flickr
  • Just a Peek 6 of 12
    Just a Peek
    Taking just a peek of the all that rain. It can't last forever.
    Photo credit: karindalziel/Flickr
  • Happy and Warm 7 of 12
    Happy and Warm
    This guy is happy to be indoors and out of that cold wet weather.
    Photo credit: Janet 59/Flickr
  • See Something 8 of 12
    See Something
    He looks like he's worried about his friends on the outside.
    Photo credit: loco's photos/Flickr
  • Deep In Thought 9 of 12
    Deep In Thought
    Troubled? Depressed or just mesmerized?
    Photo credit: chatblanc1/Flickr
  • Take Cover 10 of 12
    Take Cover
    Little guy is outside but taking cover under a bench.
    Photo credit: mattbuck4950/Flickr
  • Tilted Up 11 of 12
    Tilted Up
    I love the way cats slightly tilt their heads when they're curious.
    Photo credit: Ol.G/Flickr
  • Peeking Through 12 of 12
    Peeking Through
    Taking a peek through the blinds at the bad weather.
    Photo credit: Shockingly Tasty/Flickr

Photo credit: adapted from chatblanc1/Flickr

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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