12 Cats Stereotypically Sitting on Computers

12 Cats Sitting on Computers via Babble.comThere are a lot of things I love about my two cats. They are always around when I need a cuddle and some extra love — and they always seem to know when I need it. They greet me with a happy ‘meow’ and keep me warm on a cold night.

Cats have their own personalities — like the ‘cat’ in general and one of their quirks is when they want attention, they want it in their time & like, right now. They aren’t afraid to let it be known that it’s no longer time for whatever pointless thing you’re doing — it’s now time to put that aside and give kitty what it commands.

They also have this ability to predict exactly when you are really into something and usually chose that time to command your attention. Work deadline? Nope, kitty cuddles. Busy pinning on Pinterest? Nope, kitty meet keyboard. Cats have something against us humans using the computer — I wonder if they think it’s another cat?

Click through to see 12 cats stereotypically sitting on computers, stopping the flow of internet browsing:

  • Nap Time 1 of 12
    Nap Time
    "I'm going to steal this thing you love and sleep on it."
    Photo hosted on Imgur
  • Get Him His Own 2 of 12
    Get Him His Own
    "Oh, just a minute, I have to pin this so I don't forget."
    Photo hosted on Imgur
  • Cuddle 3 of 12
    "Oh, if you love it, I must too."
    Photo hosted on Imgur
  • Rub. My. Belly 4 of 12
    Rub. My. Belly
    "You can't tap the keys, but you can rub my belly."
    Photo hosted on Imgur
  • It’s So Warm 5 of 12
    It's So Warm
    "But, why? Tell me!"
    Photo hosted on Imgur
  • We Will Fix This 6 of 12
    We Will Fix This
    "Oh there seems to be a connection loose over here."
    Photo hosted on Imgur
  • Look Into My Eyes 7 of 12
    Look Into My Eyes
    "Come on, I am way cuter!"
    Photo hosted on Imgur
  • I FIT 8 of 12
    I FIT
    "I am just trying to sit on everything. Don't mind me."
    Photo hosted on Imgur
  • It’s Mine Now 9 of 12
    It's Mine Now
    "I am claiming this as my own. Back off."
    Photo hosted on Imgur
  • Good Luck 10 of 12
    Good Luck
    "Don't sit on the keyboard you say? Sure, no problem."
    Photo hosted on Imgur
  • But, I Am So Cute 11 of 12
    But, I Am So Cute
    "Don't you love me any more?"
    Photo hosted on Imgur
  • No. Me! 12 of 12
    No. Me!
    "Look how cute and tiny I am. Don't you want to give me attention?"
    Photo hosted on Imgur

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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