12 Cats Who Look Like They've Given Up on Life

Life is full of ups and downs for even the most happy, balanced person. Some weeks are harder than others and sometimes, we can feel ourselves fall into a “I really don’t care” funk.

Turns out, that funk even happens to our furry friends. Hard to believe because cats just seem so indifferent to nearly everything and dogs, well I am under the impression they are on something that makes them deliriously happy, like all the time.

I found some evidence though that sad cats do actually exist. Maybe they do actually care about something — or these guys are just sad they aren’t getting the obnoxious amount of attention they think they deserve.

Click through to see photos of 12 cats who look like they’ve given up on life:

  • “I Just Want to Sleep” 1 of 12
    "I Just Want to Sleep"
    I think he is waiting for someone to give him some love.
    Photo credit: mad_wraith on Flickr
  • “What’s the Point?” 2 of 12
    "What's the Point?"
    He is too tired to even sleep like a normal cat
    Photo credit: hosted on Imgur
  • “They Love Him More” 3 of 12
    "They Love Him More"
    How do you not feel sad for this babe.
    Photo credit: svensto on Flickr
  • “There’s Nothing For Me” 4 of 12
    "There's Nothing For Me"
    Dude, why didn't anyone buy him anything?
    Photo credit: hosted on Imgur
  • “I Hate Everything” 5 of 12
    "I Hate Everything"
    I have officially laughed until I hurt.
    Photo credit: hosted on Imgur
  • “What, I Don’t Want to Groom” 6 of 12
    "What, I Don't Want to Groom"
    Just, no words. So sad.
    Photo credit: squinza on Flickr
  • “No One Gets Me?” 7 of 12
    "No One Gets Me?"
    Such a sweet sad face.
    Photo credit: hosted on Imgur
  • “Why Does This Always Happen?” 8 of 12
    "Why Does This Always Happen?"
    I don't know why that happens -- or how.
    Photo credit: hosted on Imgur
  • “I Am Just So… Sad” 9 of 12
    "I Am Just So... Sad"
    I just want to pick him up.
    Photo credit: hosted on Imgur
  • “Leave Me Alone” 10 of 12
    "Leave Me Alone"
    Double whammy -- depressed and angry
    Photo credit: hosted on Imgur
  • “I Don’t Even Care Any More” 11 of 12
    "I Don't Even Care Any More"
    I don't even want to know...
    Photo credit: hosted on Imgur
  • “I Don’t Fit Anymore” 12 of 12
    "I Don't Fit Anymore"
    You know that moment when you become too big for your favorite pair of jeans? That.
    Photo credit: hosted on Imgur

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Photo credit: hosted on Imgur

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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