12 Dogs Who Are Ready for Some Football (2013 Edition)

Bears Football CorgisThe 2013 NFL season starts tomorrow! Are you ready? Well, these dogs certainly are!

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Football is an integral part of my household. My husband and I play fantasy football, and we are both fans of the College game as well. I attended the University of Nebraska (go Huskers!) and my Husband attended the University of Illinois. When it comes to the pros, we are all Bears fans. The dogs have their own Bears outfits, although Eve came from a Packers-loving Wisconsin household.

Pictured here are Ty and Eve in their outfits that they got for Christmas a few years ago. Of course they also have several dog-sized footballs of their own to play with as well.

Here are 12 dogs who are definitely ready to see football season get under way.

  • 12 Dogs Who Are All Suited Up and Ready to Go 1 of 13
    Dogs Ready For Some Football
  • Corgi Bears Fan 2 of 13
    Corgi Football

    Corgi Ty is ready to try out for the Chicago Bears.  Although he shredded this football shortly after the photo was taken, ooops!

  • Awesome Dog Football Catch 3 of 13
    dog football catch

    What a catch! This dog is in the running for MVP with plays like these.


    Photo Credit: Shutterstock

  • Shepard is a Steelers Fan 4 of 13
    Steelers Dog

    Now this is a fan! This Shepard is completely ready to root for the team.  


    Photo Credit: Pets Advisor

  • Shiba Inu Football Tackle 5 of 13
    Shibu Ina Football

    Taro the Shiba Inu is showing off some superior football moves.


    Photo Credit: Taro the Shiba Inu

  • Dogs Raving for the Ravens 6 of 13
    Ravens Fan dogs

    You would be hard pressed to find better fan dogs than this pair of Baltimore Ravens fans.


    Photo Credit: Kathleen Conklin

  • Wiener Dog is Ready to Roll 7 of 13
    Wiener Dog Football

    A little dachshund has his football in check and is waiting for the call.    


    Photo Credit: Shutterstock

  • Football Loving Dog 8 of 13
    Football Ready Dog

    This dog is ready to hike the football, if he doesn't eat it first! 


    Photo Credit: Sherry Ezhuthachan

  • Bulldogs Cheering for the Team 9 of 13
    football ready

    Everyone needs a cheerleader, and these bulldogs are ready to show their team spirit.


    Photo Credit: Shutterstock 

  • All Suited Up 10 of 13
    ready to play

    This little guy is all suited up and ready to go.


    Photo Credit: Shutterstock

  • Canine Wisconsin Football Fan 11 of 13
    Wisconsin football dog

    This cutie is dressed up for some Wisconsin Badger action. 


    Photo Credit: Shutterstock 

  • Puppy is Ready to Play 12 of 13

    The football may be almost bigger than her, but she is still ready to go!


    Photo Credit: Shutterstock

  • Terrier Touchdown 13 of 13
    terrier football

    This guy is ready, willing, and able to score one for the team.


    Photo Credit: Shutterstock

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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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