12 of the Best Ikea Monkey Memes

12 of the Best Ikea Monkey MemesIf you don’t know about Ikea Monkey yet, you’re in for a treat. We first told you about Ikea Monkey (a monkey that was found wandering the parking lot of an Ikea store in Toronto, Ontario) and since we’ve kept you up to date on the owner’s fight to keep the (illegal) pet.

I will admit, it would be shocking and weird to see a monkey just wandering about and it was made all the more fun because of the fashion-sense of the monkey. People started tweeting and instagramming images of Darwin (the monkey) when he was first spotted and that day, a new internet meme was born.

There have been a lot of the “ikea monkey” memes popping up since. Some are dead funny and some are even more funny as it’s melded into other popular memes. I’ve collected the top 12 of my favorites of the Ikea Monkey memes.

Click through to see 12 of the best from the Ikea Money meme:

  • No Time to Explain 1 of 12
    Seeing an adorably dressed monkey at Ikea is almost as weird as a toad in a toy plane.
    Photo source: ICHC Network.
  • Vogue 2 of 12
    He is going to spark a new love for this coat... and pet fashion.
    Photo source: iZiSmile.
  • Start the Car 3 of 12
    If you've seen the Ikea commercial where they're yelling to start the car, this is gold.
    Photo source: Empower Network.
  • I Was Supposed To… 4 of 12
    Oh cat, always disappointing. Poor monkey
    Photo source: hosted on Imgur Gallery.
  • Italian Monkey 5 of 12
    2 viral stories melded into one for this hilarious monkey meme.
    Photo source: @Justin_Ling/Twitter
  • Going Bananas 6 of 12
    Ha, get it? Monkey and a banana.
    Photo source: The Farthest Outpost/Tumblr
  • The Catalogue 7 of 12
    No Ikea will be complete without a monkey now.
    Photo source: Annicka/Tumblr
  • Brave Monkey 8 of 12
    Ikea monkey takes on one of the new adrenaline-seeker tours in Toronto.
    Photo source: @GraphicMatt/Twitter
  • No One Cared 9 of 12
    Well, you can't argue with this. If he wasn't wearing a mask (or a coat) no one would care.
    Photo source: hosted on Imgur Gallery.
  • Monkey Ikea 10 of 12
    Complete with instructions on what to do with your Ikea Monkey.
    Photo source: hosted on Imgur Gallery.
  • Lion…err.. Monkey King 11 of 12
    He has become the king of the world right now -- famous monkey!
    Photo source: hosted on Imgur Gallery.
  • Goes in Style 12 of 12
    Is there any other way to go to Ikea .. or to dress a monkey?
    Photo source: hosted on Imgur Gallery.


Article Posted 5 years Ago

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