12 of the Strongest Bites: Animals You May Want to Avoid

12 Strongest Bites: Animals You May Want to AvoidNo one likes to get bitten by anything, even a mosquito.  But, some bites are worse than others.  A human bite is approximately 120 psi (pounds per square inch), while an average-sized dog is 325 psi. Is their “bark” worse than their bite?  Not these 12 animals – if you hear one of them coming your way, definitely run for cover.  These are all bites you don’t want to learn about first-hand.          

  • 12 – Mastiff 1 of 12
    A mastiff can have a bite up to 500 psi. But, this guy doesn't look like he is all that motivated to bite anyone.

    Photo Credit - Flickr/Claudi Gennari
  • 11 – Shark 2 of 12
    Not a land shark, that's a totally different thing. I am talking about a Great White Shark. These bad boys have 625 psi, but it's really their razor sharp teeth you should be afraid of, not the strength of their bite.

    Photo Credit - Flickr/ bellamy.andrew
  • 10 – Lion 3 of 12
    At 650 psi, the lion isn't the cat with the strongest bite. Don't let that lull you into a false sense of security, though. An attack by a lion still isn't going to be good for your health.

    Phot Credit - Flickr/ Vi O'Walker
  • 9 – Bear 4 of 12
    I really expected the bear to be higher up on the list, but, despite a bear's 925 psi (which can crush a bowling ball), he doesn't even make the top half of the list.

    Photo Credit - Flickr/ Sharon Mollerus
  • 8 – Alligator Snapping Turtle 5 of 12
    I have never heard of this animal before (snapping turtle, yes, but alligator snapping turtle, no), but Paw Nation says it has a 1,000 psi bite. These turtles are uncommon and not really aggressive. They are also small, so we are only talking a finger or two that would really be at risk.

    Photo Credit - Ausins Turtle Page
  • 7 – Tiger 6 of 12
    At 1,050 psi a tiger's bite is almost twice as strong as that of a lion. This tiger looks to be chewing a rawhide bone, not a real bone. I don't suggest being around when he figures that out.

    Photo Credi t- Flickr/ S.Baker
  • 6 – Hyena 7 of 12
    It turns out that hyenas are not the scavengers they are usually portrayed as being. With their 1,100 psi bite, they usually hunt and kill their own food. They leave little behind, biting through and eating the bones as well! Yikes!

    Photo Credit - Flickr/ Steve Jurvetson
  • 5 – Gorilla 8 of 12
    Thankfully, gorillas are herbivores, peaceful, and generally shy around humans. They have a 1,300 psi bite, so it's good that we don't look like dinner to them.

    Photo Credit - Flickr/ Julie Koefender
  • 4 – Jaguar 9 of 12
    Jaguars have the strongest bite of any cat on the planet. Their 1,350 psi beats out lions and tigers. Their bite is strong enough to go through skull and brain, a favorite way jaguars kill their prey (note to self - avoid jaguars).

    Photo Credit - Flickr/ Alan Coogan
  • 3 – Hippopotamus 10 of 12
    Hungry Hungry Hippos? Not so much. Hippo's are not interested in eating you, but with their 1,825 psi bite and their ability to run up to 30 mph (who knew?) they are only too happy to show you how aggressive and mean they can be. More people are killed in Africa by hippos than any other animal.

    Photo Credit - Flickr/ Grant Peters
  • 2 – Alligator 11 of 12
    Alligators have a 2,125 psi bite (and you were afraid of a lion at 650 psi - ha!) and will eat pretty much anything; birds, dogs, deer. They are not generally aggressive towards humans, but definitely stay out of their way.

    Photo Credit - Flickr/ William Warby
  • 1 – Crocodile 12 of 12
    Saltwater crocodiles are the largest reptiles on the planet and have a bite force of 3,700 psi. They eat things like sharks, water buffalo and cows. I'm guessing humans would only count as a light appetizer.

    Photo Credit - Flickr/ Faye Pini

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