12 Photos of Cats Trying to Squeeze Into Places!

I have this theory that tiny dogs tend to think they are much BIGGER than they actually are. My Boston is a little dude, bulky at 30lbs, but on the smallish side of dogville. However, he pals it up with Great Danes and Mastiffs no problem… I just figure in his wee head he’s got enough spirit to warrant befriending the big boys.

Cats, however, tend to assume they are far more svelte than they seem. Kitties have a tendency to try squeezing their fluffy bodies into the strangest places. I find my tabby in boxes, drawers, on the bookshelf… all sorts of weirdness from that one. My favourite part is WATCHING her try and squish her body into spots that clearly aren’t kitty-sized.

Always good for a giggle!

Click through for 12 photos of kitties trying to squeeze themselves into some pretty silly spots!

  • Hey! Whatcha doin’ in there? 1 of 13
    Hey! Whatcha doin' in there?
    This is exactly what my grey tabby does when I'm trying to pee.
  • The purrfect place for a catnap 2 of 13
    The purrfect place for a catnap
    "Shhh... don't tell them I'm here."
  • A bit boxy 3 of 13
    A bit boxy
    This sweetie had just come back from the salon, perched himself in a box and ended up with a wonky square-do for the rest of the day!
  • Squish! 4 of 13
    This kitty's going to have one terrible crick in her neck!
  • Flexible cat is flexible 5 of 13
    Flexible cat is flexible
    "If I just... move... like this... ah, there we go."
  • And now… we wait! 6 of 13
    And now... we wait!
    "They'll never find me in here!"
  • Cozy kitty 7 of 13
    Cozy kitty
    "Oh sorry, did you need this box?"
  • Please do not disturb 8 of 13
    Please do not disturb
    "Just taking a moment for myself, thanks."
  • Everything but the paw… 9 of 13
    Everything but the paw...
    This kitty modified his box for a better fit. Source: Melissa John.
  • Sinkitty! 10 of 13
    This kitty's gone undercover!
  • Par-tay! 11 of 13
    I suppose this is a cat's version of the frat boy lampshade hat experience.
  • Ex-shoes me! 12 of 13
    Ex-shoes me!
    "But I swear they're my size!"
  • What? 13 of 13
    "I never saw your Jimmy Choos... this box was empty when I found!"
    Source: Andrea Zimmerman

And before you run away… you may want to watch this hilarious video. Sit down before you click “play”. You’ll be cracking up in no time!



Article Posted 4 years Ago

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