12 Wet and Adorable Doggie Noses!

I’ll admit it: I absolutely LOVE dog noses. Particularly that part right at the top where they have that super short and super soft hair. Delicious.

But dog noses aren’t just cute; they are amazing. They can sniff out pretty much anything, after all. And service dogs use their noses to lead their owners to safety, and even do things like nose open cupboards or doors. Incredible.

Dog noses are so popular, in fact, that people are now often getting commemorative medallions for necklaces.

I know. That’s a little weird.

So allow me to distract you with cuteness: twelve of the best doggie noses you’ve ever seen. After my dog Cannie, of course, who is in the picture there. Ahem.

  • Sweetie! 1 of 12
    Don't you want to just give this dog a hug? And maybe all your money? He's just that cute.

    Image Credit: PhotoCase
  • Sleepy Cutie 2 of 12
    Sleepy Cutie
    This adorable pup is owned by Babble's own Alie. I just want to give it a squeeze!
  • It’s Fine, I’ll Just Lay Here 3 of 12
    It's Fine, I'll Just Lay Here
    If I were ever going to buy a purebred dog, it would be a Burmese Mountain Dog. Big, gorgeous sweeties.

    Image Credit: Buzzle.
  • Working Dog at Rest 4 of 12
    Working Dog at Rest
    This cattle dog is all tuckered out after working on the ranch. I imagine, anyway.

    Image Credit: Contrasting Sharply.
  • Puppy Nose! 5 of 12
    Puppy Nose!
    He says, "Hey! Whatcha doing? Huh? Huh? HUH?"

    Image Credit: Pet Super Store.
  • Sunny Snooze 6 of 12
    Sunny Snooze
    I just want to lay down with this beautiful dog and have a nice nap in the sun too.

    Image Credit: All Pets 360.
  • With a Smile 7 of 12
    With a Smile
    How much do you love that smile on that pooch? ADORABLE.

    Image Credit: Top Dog.
  • Freckles 8 of 12
    What, dogs can't have freckles too? WRONG.

    Image Credit: Barking Prose.
  • OMG 9 of 12
    I do not want to know what scared this poor husky.

    Image Credit: Worms and Germs.
  • Throw the ball! Throw it! 10 of 12
    Throw the ball! Throw it!
    I just want to bury my fingers in this dog's gorgeous coat. And then throw the ball, naturally.

    Image Credit: FlickrHiveMind/Alison Laredo
  • Come Here for a Sluuuurrrpp 11 of 12
    Come Here for a Sluuuurrrpp
    He's either got peanut butter on his nose or he wants to lick me.

    Image Credit: PetMD.
  • Longing 12 of 12
    I don't know what, exactly, this dog wants but boy of boy would I give it to her if I could.

    Image Credit: List of Images.

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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