13 Darn Good Reasons You Should Get a Guinea Pig Right Now

Guinea pigs never make fun of your Etsy projects. Also, they think your Pinterest addiction is da bomb.

Guinea pigs. They’re adorable. They’re low-maintenance (mostly). They’re relatively inexpensive, and according to the ASPCA, it’s possible, with time and patience, to litter-box-train the little guys. ¬†They’re nonjudgmental and they think your hair looks great today. They even kick butt (according to Disney).

But those are just a few of the many reasons to get a guinea pig as a pet! Check out our 13 reasons you should totally get a Cavia porcella:

  • They’re hip and multi-culti. 1 of 14
    I hear they can rock a fedora as easily as a sombrero.

    (Photo Credit: Chuba and Company)
  • More hairstyle options than a Barbie. 2 of 14
    But can you crimp it?

    (Photo Credit: BuzzNet)
  • Yes. Yes, you can. 3 of 14
    Happily, this is not a guinea pig with a perm. It's actually a Texel guinea pig, which has a distinctive (and high-maintenance) coat.

    (Photo Credit: AMG Caviary)
  • They don’t make fun of your Etsy projects. 4 of 14
    They also think your Pinterest addiction is da bomb. (Want more animals wearing other animals' ears? See this post.)

    (Photo Credit: Chuba and Company)
  • They can totally improve your image. 5 of 14
    I wish I was this cool.

    (Photo Credit: Cute Overload)
  • They can play DS games with you. 6 of 14
    Soooo handy when you just don't want to play yet another level of Lego Batman with your kid.

    (Photo Credit: FanPop)
  • They’re always up for some summer fun! 7 of 14
    Pool party! Or, um, something.

    (Photo Credit: Break)
  • Hey, wait a minute there. 8 of 14
    Someone is missing. You should probably check the beer cooler.

    (Photo Credit: Break)
  • They’re really okay with your geektastic Harry Potter obsession. 9 of 14
    "Of course I'm up for a back-to-back marathon of all eight movies today!"

    (Photo Credit: Holy Taco)
  • They’re really smart. 10 of 14
    They can help your seventh-grader with that annoying algebra homework.

    (Photo Credit: Guinea Pigs In Hats and Einstein Racing)
  • They’ve always got somewhere to go. 11 of 14
    Yep, they're busy little guys.

    (Photo Credit: The Meta Picture)
  • They’re even better than watchdogs. 12 of 14
    These are the special guinea pigs, though. PetSmart keeps them in the back. You have to ask for them. You're going to have to really insist, though. They don't just hand them over to just anybody. Tell them I sent you.

    (Photo Credit: Disney Movies Online)
  • You need a buddy to help you stick to your workouts. 13 of 14
    Or just to lie on the couch with while you criticize the finer points of Olympic athletes' performances. Whatever.

    (Photo Credit: Hendrix.edu)
  • Your other pets will like them. 14 of 14
    A lot.

    (Photo Credit: Cheezburger)

Note: If you’re actually interested in getting a guinea pig as a pet, please see the ASPCA’s excellent guide to guinea pig care. The ASPCA recommends adopting a guinea pig from a small animal shelter or guinea pig rescue group. To find a rescue group, try Googling your county or state and “guinea pig rescue.”

(Photo Credit: Chuba and Company)


Article Posted 6 years Ago

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