13 Fun Facts About the Adorable Morkie


Have you seen a Morkie dog? If you have, surely you’ve done the ::squeeee:: at their cuteness and if you’ve not seen them, well, you’re in for a great treat.

This cross-breed is known for its tiny size and longer hair that makes it seem a little like an “Ewok” from Star Wars. What’s not to love about that, right? Smaller dogs seem to be a big hit for those who love dogs but don’t have the space for a larger breed, or who want the ability to cuddle the pup right in their arms.

If you have been ogling at the Morkie dog for some time and are considering getting one for your family, there are some things you should know about the breed before you make one a part of your brood. From medical considerations to how they are with kids, click through and see 13 adorable Morkie dogs and read 13 interesting facts about the breed:




  • They’re Tiny at Birth 1 of 13

    On average, the Morkie puppy weights only four to five ounces at birth, according to LovetoKnow Dogs.

    Photo credit: Sh4rp_i |Flickr

  • They’re a cross breed 2 of 13

    A cross between a Yorkshire terrier and the Maltese is what becomes the Morkie, according to DailyPuppy.

    Photo credit:  Satyricon86|Flickr

  • They’re Still Small 3 of 13

    When they reach adulthood, the average Morkie weighs only between 4 and 7 pounds, according to LovetoKnow Dogs.

    Photo credit: thetbone|Flickr

  • Small Litter 4 of 13

    When a Morkie is pregnant, they have a smaller litter since they're so tiny themselves, and will give birth to two to five pups at a time, says LovetoKnow Dogs.

    Photo credit:   djg0333|Flickr

  • Handle With Care 5 of 13

    Because they're so small at birth and don't grow very much, Morkie dogs need to be handled with care so you don't hurt them, according to LovetoKnow Dogs.

    Photo credit: Jemimus|Flickr

  • Life Span 6 of 13

    LovetoKnow Dogs says that a Morkie, on average, will live to about 12 years of age or longer if in great heath.

    Photo credit:  Jemimus|Flickr

  • Medical Issues 7 of 13

    Just like their parent the Yorkie, Morkies are susceptible to developing hypoglycemia, or low blood sugar, according to DailyPuppy.

    Photo credit:  Sergey Stoma|Flickr

  • Long Hair 8 of 13

    Morkies are known for their long coat of hair, so the DailyPuppy states that they must be brushed often to avoid tangles and becoming matted.

    Photo credit:  Satyricon86|Flickr

  • Not Ideal For Children 9 of 13

    LovetoKnow Dogs suggests that the Morkie is not a great companion for families with young children, but they are great for apartment life, according to

    Photo credit:  mbostock|Flickr

  • Hard to Housebreak 10 of 13

    Just like other smaller dogs, the Morkie can be difficult to housebreak, but not impossible, says DailyPuppy.

    Photo credit:  Cal Dellinger|Flickr

  • Great With Other Pets 11 of 13

    According to, the Morkie is great with other pets and dog breeds if you're thinking of adding one to your existing dog family.

    Photo credit: djg0333|Flickr

  • They Can Get Easily Bored 12 of 13

    Morkies love attention and if you leave them alone for too long, they can get bored and lonely, so they're good for families who aren't away for long periods of time, according to

    Photo credit:  djg0333|Flickr

  • They Bond Well 13 of 13

    The Morkie is known to bond very well to close family members and will love you forever, but if you're a stranger, they get weary quickly, according to

    Photo credit: iStockPhoto


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