13 Pets Who Partied it up for New Year’s Eve

I spent my New Year’s Eve in Punta Cana Dominican Republic. It was quite a party at my resort, complete with champagne and fireworks! It was a wonderful time, although I missed my corgis, who were home with a dog sitter.

Well, I wan’t the only one partying.

Here are 13 pets who celebrated New Year’s Eve as well. Happy New Year everyone!

  • Pug Party 1 of 13

    A pug party in the snow seems like a great way to ring in the New Year. This pair made a festive portrait to share with their guests. I hope it wasn't too cold out there! 


    Photo Credit: Da Puglet

  • Party up Puppy 2 of 13

    Uh oh! This puppy ended up with the lampshade on his head! Isn't he a bit young for such shenanigans?    


    Photo Credit: James Palinsad

  • Overindulgence 3 of 13

    Sometimes the next morning isn't too pretty. This lab clearly overindulged. Or maybe someone tossed a tennis ball in the toilet?


    Photo Credit: Joan Valencia

  • Checking the Beer Supply 4 of 13

    Someone has to keep track of the refreshments. These two are making sure that the beer stays cold. Being a Chicago Blackhawks fan, I highly approve of the container as well!


    Photo Credit: Kristacher

  • Does This Hat Make Me Look Fat? 5 of 13

    With a bright colored hat and a quizzical look, this pup is waiting for the count down. I wonder what he really thinks of his party cap? Perhaps his new year's resolution is to avoid further decorations from his humans!


    Photo Credit: Tobias Hoffmann

  • Pooped Out 6 of 13

    After a hard night of partying, sometimes you just have to rest. This dog may still have her party scarf on, but she definitely looks like she is ready for bed. Perhaps she overindulged on dog biscuits? 


    Photo Credit: Tyler

  • Beery Beagle 7 of 13

    I wonder if this guy even made it to midnight? The beer isn't even open. As a side note, don't really give beer to your dog. But you already know that right? 


    Photo Credit: Caleb Zahnd

  • Party Favors 8 of 13

    This cat knows how to party! With a festive mouse and some party hats, she is ready to go. Perhaps instead of tipping the champagne at midnight, we should all be tossing mice in the air? 


    Photo Credit: Lindsay Attaway

  • New Years Kisses 9 of 13

    It is traditional to kiss at midnight on New Year's Eve. This dog must have quite a fan club. He has been smooched all over! 


    Photo Credit: Beverly

  • Table Snacks 10 of 13

    Food is an important aspect of New Year's Eve. Here, someone has done a good job at cleaning up. I hope he left some for the rest of the guests!


    Photo Credit: Natalie Maynor

  • Party King 11 of 13

    What a better way to enjoy the party than to curl up with a crown. This cat is ready to be named King of the New Year! It looks a little big for him though. 


    Photo Credit: Judit Klein

  • Is it Time Yet? 12 of 13

    Sometimes waiting is hard. It is still daylight and the countdown is way off. But this little guy is all ready and waiting for midnight to arrive.


    Photo Credit: Pipin Graham

  • Happy 2014! 13 of 13

    These two are all dressed up for their party. I love the festive outfits! Happy New Year and best wishes to all for a wonderful 2014!


    Photo Credit: Deb West

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