14 Adorable Kittens Who Love Sitting in Shoes

14 Adorable Kittens Who Love Sitting in ShoesI have been around cats my whole life and I still can’t figure out why they do some of the things they do.

They like to attack light on the wall. They seem to enjoy sitting in the corner and staring at you. They have an attitude that is totally unpredictable.

One of the quirkiest things about cats in my opinion is their love to sit in strange places. I think they do it just because they can, but trying to figure out the why is just pointless, I don’t think we’ll ever know.

I’ve found my cats sitting in my kitchen cupboards, I’ve had one climb into a hole in my ceiling, I’ve had cats sit in boxes and shelves and if they fit in my shoes they would be there too.

Turns out the whole sitting in shoes thing is something many cats love. It seems to be a favorite sleeping spot for kittens, but older cats enjoy them as well. I don’t get it, but do get that it’s totally adorable to see.

Click through to see 14 adorable kittens who love to sit in shoes:

  • Hiding 1 of 14
    Sweet little kitten seems afraid of something.
    Photo hosted on Imgur Gallery. Used with Permission
  • Hello There 2 of 14
    Hello There
    Like he doesn't get why you're surprised to see him in a shoe.
    Photo hosted on Imgur Gallery. Used with Permission
  • Nap Time 3 of 14
    Nap Time
    Fluffy kitty face stuffed into a slipper = awesome.
    Photo hosted on Imgur Gallery. Used with Permission
  • Peek a Boo 4 of 14
    Peek a Boo
    It's a good thing you can see his white fur, otherwise he could be stepped on.
    Photo hosted on Imgur Gallery. Used with Permission
  • Friends 5 of 14
    2 friends who fit perfectly in a slipper . So sweet.
    Photo hosted on Imgur Gallery. Used with Permission
  • Fits Perfectly 6 of 14
    Fits Perfectly
    This kitten is just so beautiful, right?
    Photo credit: Eran Finkle/ Flickr
  • Don’t Go 7 of 14
    Don't Go
    Someone is trying their hardest to keep their friend home. Sitting in their shoes looking sad would work for me.
    Photo credit: mohd fahmi/ Flickr
  • Sandal Cat 8 of 14
    Sandal Cat
    This sandal just fits perfectly. I can't believe it.
    Photo credit: plizzba/ Flickr
  • Will I Fit 9 of 14
    Will I Fit
    Cats are just so curious. About everything.
    Photo credit: Florence Ivy/ Flickr
  • I Love Your Boots 10 of 14
    I Love Your Boots
    It's easy to tell what's to love. This cat seems to want to claim them as her own.
    Photo credit: cuttlefish/ Flickr
  • Cutest Kitten 11 of 14
    Cutest Kitten
    The biggest, sweetest blue eys.
    Photo credit: HurleyFamily/ Flickr
  • Nap Time Pillow 12 of 14
    Nap Time Pillow
    You know, I wouldn't think that was comfortable, but to each their own.
    Photo credit: pelican/ Flickr
  • Hmmm 13 of 14
    Kitten who is not sure if they want to sit there or if they will fit. Testing the water.
    Photo credit: quinn.anya/ Flickr
  • What’s That Smell? 14 of 14
    What's That Smell?
    No cat! Don't do it!
    Photo credit: Seth Thomas Rasmussen/ Flickr

Photo adapted from photo hosted on Imgur Gallery

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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