14 Dogs Waiting for You to Come Home (Patiently or Panicking)

Some dogs wait patiently for their owners to come home. They sit by the window, just waiting. And then when you get home, they wag their tails and pee in excitement. Or maybe that peeing in excitement was just the miniature dachshund I used to have.

Other dogs, they just miss you so much. They miss you like crazy. I mean, really crazy. Like, panic-and-destroy-your-house crazy. Let’s take a look at the difference, with the 14 dogs below.

  • Some dogs wait patiently. 1 of 14
    Some dogs wait patiently.
    A Jack Russell Terrier waits for his owner.

    (Photo Credit: iStockphoto)
  • Some dogs freak the freak out. 2 of 14
    Some dogs freak the freak out.
    Like this one, for example.

    (Photo Credit: Bits and Pieces)
  • We’re waiting… 3 of 14
    We're waiting...
    I feel kind of bad for the babysitter at this house. Because all anybody wants is Mommy.

    (Photo Credit: Daily Picks and Flicks)
  • This dog is a little excited to see you. 4 of 14
    This dog is a little excited to see you.
    Just a little.

    (Photo Credit: OMG Cute Things)
  • I’m sooooo lonely. 5 of 14
    I'm sooooo lonely.
    A pug waits patiently for his owner to come home.

    (Photo Credit: iStockphoto)
  • I’m sooooo lonely, so I panicked. 6 of 14
    I'm sooooo lonely, so I panicked.
    Um, wow. Is that an entire section of cabinet there?

    (Photo Credit: QuickMeme)
  • Good dog. 7 of 14
    Good dog.
    A spaniel waits, without panicking.

    (Photo Credit: iStockphoto)
  • I couldn’t see out the door to look for you. 8 of 14
    I couldn't see out the door to look for you.
    So I made my own window.

    (Photo Credit: JP Edgy)
  • I wait for you. 9 of 14
    I wait for you.
    A long-haired miniature Dachshund waits for her owner.

    (Photo Credit: iStockphoto)
  • I make it so you can never leave me again. 10 of 14
    I make it so you can never leave me again.
    Haha! You can't leave if you have no shoes!

    (Photo Credit: iStockphoto)
  • Non-panicked waiting. 11 of 14
    Non-panicked waiting.
    Without any destroying.

    (Photo Credit: iStockphoto)
  • More panic. 12 of 14
    More panic.
    Dogs don't like it when they can't watch for you.

    (Photo Credit: I Heart Funny)
  • Are you there yet? 13 of 14
    Are you there yet?
    A tricolor Australian Shepherd puppy waits by the window. See how it's not chewing everything up? Good dog.

    (Photo Credit: iStockphoto)
  • Oh, good! You’re home! 14 of 14
    Oh, good! You're home!
    I kept the bed warm for you!

    (Photo Credit: The Chive)

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