14 Dogs Who Fell for the Cat Trap

Are you familiar with the cat trap? Put out a box, and pretty soon a cat will be in it. Did you know that it works for dogs as well? Long before I started doing noseworks with my dogs, they each were more than happy to check out boxes. Noseworks uses boxes for training dogs to find hidden scent, so now a box is completely assured to attract their attention!

Apparently my dogs are not alone in their interest in boxes, as I came across a number of fun photos of dogs who inserted themselves in boxes,even when the box was far too small.

Below are photos of 14 dogs who fell for the cat trap. Enjoy!

  • Dogs in Boxes 1 of 15
    Cat trap dogs

    Photo Credit: Sam Lavy

  • I’m Going to Fit in Here! 2 of 15

    This dog is quite determined to make this box stretch to his size!   I don't think it is going to happen though.


    Photo Credit: Stella Dauer

  • Helping with the Unpacking 3 of 15

    Some dogs can't resist helping when there is a box to be unpacked.  This canine seems to have gotten caught up in the packaging, but I'm sure he provided plenty of useful assistance .


    Photo Credit: Martin L

  • Is Two a Crowd? 4 of 15

    This box caught not one, but two puppies!  Good thing one of them is small.


    Photo Credit: Dmitry Krendelev

  • Dog Makes a Bed of a Box 5 of 15

    This box would make a great bed if only it were just a bit larger.  I'm not sure this dog will be getting any shut eye!


    Photo Credit: Stella Dauer

  • Chihuahua in a Box 6 of 15

    A little Chihuahua peeks out from a box that is almost taller than she is.  


    Photo Credit JohnRudolphMueller

  • Cute Puppy in a Box 7 of 15

    This photo is just plain adorable.  A little yellow lab or golden, I'm not sure which, peeks out from a box.


    Photo Credit: Cavin

  • Corgi in a Box 8 of 15

    My Corgi Ty hangs out in a box after searching it for treats. He didn't find any, but he was happy to stay in the box!  


    Photo Credit: Puppy on a Roomba

  • It is a Bit Cramped in Here! 9 of 15

    This dog looks rather uncomfortable, but he also doesn't appear to be trying to go anywhere either.  


    Photo Credit: Andres Moschini

  • Pug in a Box 10 of 15

    A bug takes up a good vantage point in a box. Why sit on the floor when you can be in a box? 


    Photo Credit: Sam Lavy

  • Hello There! 11 of 15

    This dog wisely chose the larger box.  Might as well go for the most space when falling for the cat trap.


    Photo Credit: Brent Ozar

  • Helping with the Repairs 12 of 15

    A dog helps with the tool storage and repairs by checking out the tool chest box.  I'm sure that was very helpful of him.


    Photo Credit: James Adamson 

  • Can the Dog Get Out? 13 of 15

    This little guy got in the box, but will he be able to jump back out again?  The box is certainly taller than he is!


    Photo Credit: Kelbv

  • Box Puppies! 14 of 15

    Two puppies in a box. Cutest thing ever!  


    Photo Credit: Jolee Leonard

  • Keeping a Lookout 15 of 15

    Sometimes a box is the best vantage point for keeping a close watch on the area. This dog is doing some keen surveillance. 


    Photo Credit: 10 Corso Como

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