14 Pets and Their Snowmen

I have about 10 inches of snow on the ground at my home right now. I considered trying to make a snow corgi, but it has also been below zero. That is too cold for my tastes, and I fear that the snow would not be wet enough. It also is too cold for the corgis. They normally love snow, but this past week they have stayed outside only as long as needed and haven’t ventured much further than just outside the back door.

So, since it was just too darn cold to make my own snow pet, I went looking for some photos of some. Sure enough, I found a good selection of animals made from snow and pets enjoying their snowmen friends.

  • Snowpets! 1 of 15

    Here are 14 photos of pets and their snowmen, or of snowpets. Enjoy!


    Photo Credit: Lucie Provencher

  • Icy Stare 2 of 15

    There seems to be a problem with this snowman. Or perhaps we should say "former snowman?" It appears to have melted under the scrutiny of this cat's intensive gaze!  


    Photo Credit: Brian Fitzgerald

  • Smirk! 3 of 15

    Dog: "What do Snowmen eat for breakfast?"

    Snowman: "Dogs?"

    Dog: "Nice try. No, they eat Frosted Flakes!" 


    Photo Credit: Bev Wagar

  • Dead Ringer 4 of 15

    This dog and his snowman are perfect twins! Such a well behaved dog too.  A good snowman making tip is to form arms and features out of snow instead of with sticks. That worked well here. See these snowman making tips.   


    Photo Credit: Deb West

  • Welcome Home! 5 of 15

    How cute is this? A little snow kitten greets you from the bottom of the entryway steps. Something like this is a great snowpet idea. It is simple and easy to make and looks very decorative.  


    Photo Credit: Greg Dunlap

  • What’s This? 6 of 15

    Such a tiny snowman for such a large feline! I think this photo is simply adorable. The little baby snowman is cute, and the cat is clearly very curious about it.


    Photo Credit: Lucie Provencher

  • Snow Hound 7 of 15

    This is an example of an easy to make and super cute snow dog. Snowmen (or snowpets) don't have to be huge. In fact, small ones might be better sheltered to last longer. For tips on making your snow creation last, see these 23 snowman making tips.


    Photo Credit: Andrew Bowden

  • A Purrfect Perch 8 of 15

    Who needs a hat or scarf, when you can have a cat instead? This feline looks right at home on top of her snowman. I wonder how hard it was for her to get up there? 


    Photo Credit: Conor Lawless

  • Snow Ball Anyone? 9 of 15

    This cat is trying to get a game of tether ball going, but I don't think the snowman is going to oblige. Hopefully, the ball doesn't knock him over! Then again, I have yet to see a cat that is an expert at tether ball. Corgis, however, are a different story!   


    Photo Credit: Liam Daly

  • Super Cat 10 of 15

    Now this is an impressive snowpet! You need a lot of snow to put together a cat this big. The owner did a nice job of carving out details and making it look realistic. 


    Photo Credit: Maureen Didde

  • Cat is the Hat 11 of 15

    What is up with cats perching on snowmen? This perch doesn't look so cozy with all the sticks poking out. I imagine the view is pretty good though.


    Photo Credit: Gamppart

  • Cute Kitty 12 of 15

    Here is another example of a smaller snowpet. By adding a red ribbon and making whimsical eyes, the snow cat looks simply adorable. I love the use of sticks as whiskers!


    Photo Credit: Kelly McCarthy

  • Snow Family 13 of 15

    Here in an interesting mix of snow art.  The dog is quite well crafted, and I suspect the snow was perfect for making snowmen, give the ability to form it so well. Wet snow is the best for this. 


    Photo Credit: Debra Drummond

  • Colorful Cat 14 of 15

    With this snow cat, the owners colored things up with the eyes and nose. You can use colored lids for this or food coloring will also work. 


    Photo Credit: Pelican

  • Working Hard 15 of 15

    It takes a lot of work to get a snowman properly shaped and patted firm. The wetter the snow the better. This little guy must have had some help though. 


    Photo Credit: Sean Biehle

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