15 Animals Affected by the Government Shutdown

With the federal government in a partial shutdown, you are out of luck if you want to visit the National Zoo or any of the national parks. In fact, you can’t even view the animals on their National Zoo webcams, as those have been shut down too. This afternoon, the following message was put on the National Zoo webcam page:

“Due to the federal government shutdown, the Smithsonian’s National Zoo is closed. None of our live animal cams will broadcast. The cams require federal resources, primarily staff, to run and broadcast. They’ve been deemed non-essential during the shutdown.”

Never fear, however, the animals are being cared for. You just can’t visit them right now. You also can’t visit any of the stunning animals that you might see in Yellowstone National Park or other similar federal locations.

However, you can get a glimpse of them here. Below are beautiful photos of animals that you can’t see right now due to the government shutdown.

  • Animals Affected by the Government Shutdown 1 of 16
    Animals Affected by the Government Shutdown
  • Giant Panda 2 of 16

    The panda cam is down, but the giant panda will still have dinner without you.


    Photo Credit: Pandora_60

  • Tiger Cubs 3 of 16

    Fortunately the National Zoo tiger cubs got their play tube before the budget ran out.


    Photo Credit: Claire P.

  • Asian Small-Clawed Otter 4 of 16

    The National Zoo otter cam is dark. Oh, there otter be a law!


    Photo Credit: Sid Mosdell

  • Orangutan 5 of 16

    The Orangutan at the National Zoo misses you!


    Photo Credit: Alexander Pruss

  • Arowana 6 of 16

    The National Zoo Amazon River cam is shut down, but the Arowana in the Amazon River exhibit swims on.


    Photo Credit: Cliff

  • Fishing Cat 7 of 16

    The fishing cat will move in secrecy with its web cam turned off.


    Photo Credit: Cliff

  • Cheetah 8 of 16

    You maybe cheated out of seeing the Cheetah right now, but he will be waiting for you when the cameras come back on!


    Photo Credit: David Recordon

  • Buffalo 9 of 16

    The Yellowstone Buffalo won't be causing traffic jams with no traffic!


    Photo Credit: Samantha Kulpinski

  • Gorilla 10 of 16

    This National Zoo momma and baby will cuddle in private with their webcam down.


    Photo Credit : Nick Peretti

  • Clouded Leopard 11 of 16

    Every time I see a clouded leopard it is napping. I wonder if they will sleep even more with the zoo closed?


    Photo Credit: A M Lewis

  • Bear 12 of 16

    It will be hard for a Yellowstone bear to find a picnic basket, with no picnicking going on.


    Photo Credit: JE Norton

  • Tiger 13 of 16

    The tiger will be stalking something other than tourists.


    Photo Credit: InSapphoWeTrust

  • Elk 14 of 16

    The Yellowstone elk have the park to themselves.


    Photo Credit: Tony Hisgett

  • Octopus 15 of 16

    The Octopus at the National Zoo is waving his 8 arms at you, but you are unable to see it. 


    Photo Credit: Justin Grimes

  • Lion 16 of 16

    The King of the Jungle will take a break and nap until the zoo is open again.


    Photo Credit: Brent Moore

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