15 Cats Who Love Getting in the Way of Your Laundry Chores

It’s hard enough as it is to find the motivation to do your laundry, but when you have cats that task becomes even more impossible. At least that’s seems to be true for me.

Laundry’s at the very bottom of my list of household chores. It’s never ending. I have to walk down two flights of stairs with a heavy basket full of clothes just to get it done, and that whole “out of sight, out of mind” thing means it’s not uncommon for me to leave wet clothes in the washing machine waiting. They never make their way to the dryer in a timely manner.

If the impossible does happen and I have a basket of clean laundry done and waiting to be folded, my cats make this task even more challenging. Warm laundry attracts cats.

It apparently makes the world’s most comfortable bed, and once yours has been spotted by a cat… good luck getting your chores finished.

  • Cats Who Get in the Way of Your Laundry Chores 1 of 16

    As if it's not hard enough, these cats certainly don't help.

  • Nope, Busy 2 of 16

    You were thinking you were going to hang up those wet clothes from the dryer and really get on the ball, but nope.

    Photo credit: Chris_Samuel | Flickr

  • Maybe Later 3 of 16

    You know, you'll just have to come back to this pile of laundry and get to folding it later.

    Photo credit: gillicious | Flickr

  • Nope! 4 of 16

    Don't even think about it because there's no way you'll get to those clothes. It's obvious he's comfortable.

    Photo credit: mmechtley | Flickr

  • Favorite Shirt? 5 of 16

    You have a special date tomorrow, and your favorite shirt is dirty. You had plans to wash it tonight, but someone else is wearing it.

    Photo credit: Monsieur Gordon | Flickr

  • Swat, Swat 6 of 16

    Every time you reach to grab your clean and dry laundry, you get attacked. So it's just easier to leave it there.

    Photo credit: fatseth | Flickr

  • A New Bed 7 of 16

    It doesn't matter that you've been looking for that piece of clothing forever. He's not going to tell you where it is or help you with your laundry at all. He's claimed it as his own.

    Photo credit: Orin Zebest | Flickr

  • Overworked 8 of 16

    You're trying to pack for your important business trip and you're gathering the laundry, but clearly that's not going to work for your timeline.

    Photo credit: quinn.anya | Flickr

  • I Match 9 of 16

    His philosophy is if he matches the item, then it's his. You're not getting these items back. Like, ever. Too bad if that doesn't work with your chore schedule.

    Photo credit: me and the sysop | Flickr

  • Hide It All 10 of 16

    You've been frantically searching your laundry baskets, laundry room, and drawers for these certain pair of pants, and they're no where to be found. This cat is sitting on them... laughing.

    Photo credit: quinn.anya | Flickr

  • Where They Sleep 11 of 16

    We all know that cats are really grumpy, and even more so when they're not allowed to nap in comfort. Too bad their sleeping schedule doesn't jive with your laundry chores.

    Photo credit: drewsaunders | Flickr

  • Finally Folded 12 of 16

    You should throw yourself a parade and a party because you were able to get the laundry done and folded. Too bad this kitten has hindered the final stage where you put them away.

    Photo credit: liberalmind1012 | Flickr

  • No Dice! 13 of 16

    You can't even get to your dryer. Apparently this cat has decided to check it out. [Pet owners, don't let your cat play in the dryer! This totally isn't safe!]

    Photo credit: ftzdomino | Flickr

  • Sorry, What? 14 of 16

    It doesn't even matter how nicely you ask your cat to move so you can fold and put away your laundry you'll get the cat's evil stare!

    Photo credit: lutramania | Flickr

  • Claimed 15 of 16

    Yeah, that basket and the laundry. There's no way you're getting to it at any reasonable amount of time. Clearly, he doesn't care.

    Photo credit: Mr. T in DC | Flickr

  • Success! Wait… Nope! 16 of 16

    You did the unthinkable and got the laundry washed, dried, folded, and put away. Only to have your cat claim it as his own and cover all your nice clean clothes in cat fur.

    Photo credit: quinn.anya | Flickr

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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