15 Cool Pieces of Cat Furniture

Cat furniture used to always involve towers of carpet and unattractive particle board. Those types of cat trees are still available and certainly are functional, but there are other more interesting and attractive options out there. Many modern choices will blend in better with your home decor, and some can double as bookshelves.

When looking for pet furniture, consider how it will fit in your decorating scheme. If purchasing a cat tree, also look for sturdy items that have solid bases to avoid problems with the tree tipping over. Some trees come with brackets to attach them to an adjacent wall or the ceiling. Ideally, your cat furniture will offer multiple forms of enjoyment for your cat through climbing, scratching, and sleeping surfaces. Some include built in toys.

Here are 15 interesting and more modern pieces of cat furniture to help you get away from the old carpeted cat tree look.

  • Cool Cat Furniture 1 of 16
    Cool Cat Furniture
  • Contoure Modern Cat Tree 2 of 16

    The Contoure Modern Cat Tree looks like a modern bookshelf or piece of art, but has carpeted platforms for your cat to climb, sit, and sleep on. It is pricey, but also super cool!


    Price: $377

  • Catty Stacks Modular Cat Condos 3 of 16

    Catty Stacks are single cubes that can be combined to form cat condos of all shapes and sizes. They are sturdy, easy to assemble, and get great customer reviews. They are also quite affordable.


    Price: $14.99 per cube. 

  • PetFusion Cat Scratcher Lounge 4 of 16

    This Pet Lounge acts as both a bed and a scratching surface. Plus, it is attractive and will fit in with many different decorating schemes.


    Price: $50

  • The Refined Feline Lotus Cat Tower 5 of 16

    The Feline Lotus Tower is another modern cat tree with smooth surfaces to better fit in with your home decor. It includes a scratching surface and cubby hole, along with climbing surfaces.


    Price: $326

  • SmartCat Multi-Level Cat Climber 6 of 16

    If space is an issue, take a look at this Multi-Level Cat Climber. The tree fits on the back of a door and includes both climbing and scratching surfaces. The price is quite good as well.


    Price: $73

  • Passage Steel Cat Tree 7 of 16

    This Passage Steel Cat Tree has a fun children's furniture look to it. Your cat will love running into the tunnel and playing with the hanging toys. The company makes multiple modules that can be combined to make larger trees and condos.


    Price: $37 

  • Ware Cat Tower Hideout 8 of 16

    The Ware Cat Tower features modular canvas boxes for climbing, hiding, and playing.


    Price: $101

  • Sebastian Modern Cat Tree White 9 of 16

    The Sebastian Modern Cat Tree includes a scratching surface and various modules. It has smooth, modern surfaces, allowing it to better blend in with household furniture. It is available in black and white.


    Price: $287  

  • The Sebastian Modern Cat Tree Black 10 of 16

    Here is a look at the Sebastian Cat Tree in black. It has a slim and modern look with cubby holes for your cat and storage spaces for your own items or cat toys.


    Price: $289

  • Pawhut 60″ Cat Tree Kiten Condo 11 of 16

    The Paw Hut Cat Tree has a more modern look than the typical carpeted tree, plus it offers a comfy hammock and plenty of scratching surfaces.  


    Price: $119

  • Trixie Pet Products Miguel Fold 12 of 16

    This one has carpet, but the Trixie cat tree offers a simple cat condo with a look that is different from many other carpeted versions. The price is good too.


    Price: $41

  • Kitty Palm Cat Tree with Ficus Foliage Top 13 of 16

    Make your cat's scratching post more attractive with this Kitty Palm Tree.


    Price: $108

  • Cat-Life Multi-Level Lounger 14 of 16

    This Multi-Level Lounge offers a more typical cat tree, but with a bit more of a unique look. Added toys increase your cat's entertainment.


    Price: $78 

  • Trixie Topi Cat Condo 15 of 16

    Another carpeted items, but the Trixie cat condo offers a different look from many typical cat condos, which are usually cylindrical.   


    Price: $29

  • PetPal Cat Stool With Sisal Post 16 of 16

    This Pet Pal Cat Stool offers an elevated perch for your pet that looks much like a modern chair or barstool.


    Price: $53

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