15 Cute Pets Wrapped Up As Christmas Gifts

Three years ago, my husband got me the best gift ever: my black Lab, Django. It was just before Christmas and we had been talking about getting a dog for a long time. For at least 6-8 months before that day, I had longed for a big sloppy dog to call my own. We already had Hayley, our Chihuahua mix, but she was much more my daughter’s dog and I was pining for a big dog like I always had growing up.

So one Saturday right before Thanksgiving, we headed out to North Shore Animal League on Long Island, NY. After a hour or so of holding sweet, gorgeous puppies, I turned my head to see a new crop of pups being brought in and I locked eyes with Django. It was truly love at first sight. Hands down, Django is the best gift that I have ever received. In fact, I told my husband that he never needed to get me another gift because she was enough to last for years.

Just a few weeks ago, he jokingly said that he was just going to put a big bow on Django this year because he didn’t know what to get for me. I said he definitely could because three years later, she still remains a precious gift in my life. Please keep in mind that this was not a decision that we took lightly. We discussed bringing a new dog into our family. We were all ready to collectively pitch in to welcome a pet into our family. We were all in agreement and it was not spur of the moment at all.

A puppy or a dog is a lifelong commitment. It is not fair to spring a dog on someone as a gift unless you are absolutely sure that the person is ready, willing, and able to care for that pup for his/her entire life. And then after you have considered all the ramifications, please adopt! Puppies are not toys and dogs from pet stores come from puppy mills where pups are tortured and sold, solely for profit. There are countless shelters and agencies that hold adoption events regularly, so please check them out.

Giving a puppy or a kitty is a beautiful gift, especially from a parent to a child on Christmas. Many of us remember the day when our treasured childhood pets came to live in our homes. So once you make the decision, have fun with the delivery because it is a truly special time.

Check out these 15 cute pets wrapped up as Christmas gifts! See what they think about being the best presents under the tree!

  • Zzzzz I’m Sleepy! 1 of 15
    dogs Christmas wrapping paper
    Are you going to be bringing the kids out soon? I need a nap! All this Christmas cheer is a lot of hard work.

    Image: Flickr

  • I Do It My Way 2 of 15
    pets wrapping paper

    OK, I'm not a total grinch. You can dress me up in this festive garb, but I will decide when to come out.

    Image: Flickr

  • Feeling Hot, Hot, Hot! 3 of 15
    dogs christmas wrapping paper

    Sure, there are certain misconceptions about us chihuahuas, but being party animals isn't one of them. Who's ready to celebrate? Let's go!

    Image: Flickr

  • Quite A Gift Box 4 of 15
    cats wrapped as christmas presents

    I am a great gift, of course, but this wrapping really could have been much better. Hey wait, did someone say this doubles as a litter box?

    Image: Flickr

  • Sweet Stocking Stuffer 5 of 15
    dogs christmas wrapping paper

    She might not remember her first Christmas, but it certainly looks like visions of sugarplums danced in this sweet pup's head.

    Image: Flickr

  • I Have Boundaries Ya Know 6 of 15
    dogs gifts wrapping paper

    I can do the double bow and even the candy cane, but I draw the line at packing tape! And this is an in-house outfit only. What will the pups at the dog park think? I have a reputation to uphold.

    Image: Flickr

  • It’s Not Tiffany’s 7 of 15
    cats wrapped as christmas gifts

    But I'm glad they at least matched the bow with my necklace. Details are everything. And there is always next year... you know save a little of the tax return.

    Image: Flickr

  • I’m Basically Agreeable 8 of 15
    dogs christmas wrapping paper

    Hey, this stuff is pretty warm. Plus, the kids love it so how could I deny them? 

    Image: Flickr

  • The God Honest Truth 9 of 15
    cats christmas wrapping paper

    You know I never would have agreed to this if you didn't promise a bite of the salmon when I'm done posing. Does this face look dumb?

    Image: Flickr

  • Reliving Fond Holiday Memories 10 of 15
    dogs wrapping paper

    Oh, I remember the wrapping so many years ago, looked just like this... tasted like it, too! There's nothing like those puppy days.

    Image: Flickr

  • Bring It On, I’m Ready 11 of 15
    dogs christmas wrapping paper

    I'm slightly nervous but oh, so excited. Bring me to my new owner!

    Image: Flickr

  • Uh Oh, I’m Busting Out 12 of 15
    christmas wrapping paper dog

    This paper ain't gonna last for very long! I tried, I really did,  but then I got an itch on my back hindquarter that wouldn't let up. 

    Image: Flickr

  • Pulling A Fast One 13 of 15
    cat christmas wrapping paper

    I'm no car, but the thought is what counts. The kid will like it, and I kind of like boxes anyway.

    Image: Flickr

  • The Gift That Keeps On Giving 14 of 15
    cats wrapped as christmas gifts

    Fancy paper and a ball? Now that's my kind of Christmas! PS, I am keeping this paper bed for a while.

    Image: Flickr

  • OK, So I’m An Impatient Poodle 15 of 15
    dogs wrapping paper

    So what? I couldn't stay in this stuff for very long! Wrapping paper does a number on my curls.

    Image: Flickr

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