15 Pets Staying Cozy In Scarves

Well, like or not, winter is fast approaching. I mean, holy hell, Halloween is just around the corner and then Thanksgiving and Christmas and and and…

Oof. Excuse me, I got a little ahead of myself.

We aren’t the only ones that feel the chill, and a great way to keep your pet warm is to… well, force them to wear a scarf for a photo opportunity.

Wait, is that just me? (Yes, that’s my poor dog in the blue scarf over there). Luckily, NO, it’s NOT just me, so be prepared to enjoy fifteen different dogs and cats enjoying the warm cozy of a winter scarf.

  • Jacoby, in Hunter Green 1 of 15
    Jacoby, in Hunter Green
    Jacoby, an adorable Abyssinian kitty, is modeling a lovely hunter green scarf/coat combo.

    Image Credit: Flickr/squish_e
  • Bel-Air Bichon 2 of 15
    Bel-Air Bichon

    I'm sorry, but this photo just makes me laugh hysterically. I mean, his FUR. OMG.

    Image Credit: Flickr/akaporn
  • Cannie Belle Stays Warm 3 of 15
    Cannie Belle Stays Warm
    Yes, that's my pit bull. Yes, that's my mother's scarf. Yes, I dressed her for this post. I think she looks sharp, don't you?
  • Handsome Chance 4 of 15
    Handsome Chance
    Chance is charming here in this lovely scarf. Also, pits DO have very short fur so perhaps a scarf is called for.

    Image Credit: Flickr/Maxim34374
  • Cozy Corgi 5 of 15
    Cozy Corgi
    This guy looks THRILLED to be wearing a scarf. I want to pet those ears.

    Image Credit: Flickr/Aine D
  • Delta Dawn 6 of 15
    Delta Dawn
    Scarves aren't just for warmth, you know. They're also for curling your hair. Dawn here has a BIG night planned.

    Image Credit: Flickr/Photos by Mavis
  • British Blue Knows How To Stay Warm 7 of 15
    British Blue Knows How To Stay Warm
    But he's pretty damned pissed off about it.

    Image Credit: Flickr/I.Gouss
  • Happy Hershey 8 of 15
    Happy Hershey
    Sometimes it's just about style.

    Image Credit: Flickr/Chris Radcliff
  • Maggie in the Snow 9 of 15
    Maggie in the Snow
    Um... Not really sure how that scarf is helping here.

    Image Credit: Flickr/squish_e
  • Go Mets! 10 of 15
    Go Mets!
    This dog is famous in New York City. And apparently into the Mets. Also: doesn't he know smoking is bad for his health?

    Image Credit: Flickr/JoeNQueens
  • Ira Prefers All Cotton Scarves 11 of 15
    Ira Prefers All Cotton Scarves
  • Babushka! 12 of 15
    I just: OMG: I can't. This poor pug.

    Image Credit: Flickr/AudreyJM
  • Orange Pekoe 13 of 15
    Orange Pekoe
    Pekoe here is quite adorable in her little orange scarf.

    Image Credit: Flickr/Squish_e
  • Yummy 14 of 15
    Dreyfuss here decided scarves are for eating.

    Image Credit: Flickr/Shane
  • Jax in Pink 15 of 15
    Jax in Pink
    We're a two pet household here. And Jax needed to be punished for sneaking out of the house and going missing for eighteen hours. So I made him wear pink. He's THRILLED.

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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