15 Pets Who Are Snug as a Bug in a Rug

The winter nights are getting colder and colder, but these pets are all ready.  Unlike teenagers, who prefer to go with no hats or coats and don’t care what the temperature is, these cats and dogs have gotten themselves all snuggly and warm. Some of them look like they wouldn’t mind if you kept warm with them, others clearly want you to find your own blanket.

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  • Three Cozy Pugs 1 of 15
    Three Cozy Pugs
    Unlike children, these pugs are sharing the blanket and no one is pulling on it or screaming or whining. I guess this is one in the "Win" column in the Pets vs Kids debate.

    Photo Credit - Flickr/Scott Allen
  • Cat Tolerance 2 of 15
    Cat Tolerance
    This cat looked like someone wrapped her in the blanket for the picture. She appears to be okay with it, but I don't know if I would really turn my back on her for awhile. Also, a cat treat/bribe may be in order.

    Photo Credit - Flickr/Celeste Lindell
  • Camo Cat 3 of 15
    Camo Cat
    This cat got himself all hidden and comfy, but could not avoid getting his picture taken. Cat fail.

    Photo Credit - Flickr/Christopher Smith
  • Doesn’t Count 4 of 15
    Doesn't Count
    I think this cat fell asleep on a blanket and someone put a pillow over him so he would look snuggled. I don't think he's going to be happy when he finds out.

    Photo Credit - Flickr/Little More Sunshine
  • Zebra Dog 5 of 15
    Zebra Dog
    Awwwwww. This is why people try to take snuggly blanket pictures of their pets; there's just so much cuteness!

    Photo Credit - iStock Photo
  • Dibs on the Blanket 6 of 15
    Dibs on the Blanket
    This dog knows no one will try to take his blanket because he shed all over it first. Very clever.

    Photo Credit - Fleckr/Katie Brady
  • Super Sweet 7 of 15
    Super Sweet
    This Dachshund puppy is cozy and cooperative; everyone's happy.

    Phot Credit - iStock Photo
  • Death Glare 8 of 15
    Death Glare
    This is very similar to the look my daughter gives me when I wake her in the morning. It's not any more pleasant on a cat.

    Photo Credi - Dan Previte
  • Fraud 9 of 15
    I think we have another case of an owner wrapping her cat in a blanket trying to make the cat look all snuggly and sweet. Fail. This cat looks a lot like she is waiting for someone to get close enough so she can get a good eye gouge going.

    Photo Credit - iStock Photo
  • Real Deal 10 of 15
    Real Deal
    Now that is a pet all snuggled in a blanket! How delicious!

    Photo Credit - Flickr/Jeremy Noble
  • Need Better Tagging 11 of 15
    Need Better Tagging
    When I entered "dogs in blankets" on Flickr, this came up. I think perhaps the photographer might want add a few more descriptive words, so no one thinks this is what he's done with his pet.

    Photo Credit - Flickr/Geoffrey Fairchild
  • Pillow Fort 12 of 15
    Pillow Fort
    This dog is obviously comfy in his little fort, but looks slightly worried that you are going to want to join him.

    Photo Credit Fleckr/TheAxis96
  • Super Sweet 13 of 15
    Super Sweet
    These pugs are just so stinking adorable cuddled together in their blanket.

    Photo Credit - iStock Photo
  • Sleeping Puppy 14 of 15
    Sleeping Puppy
    This picture may actually be better and cuter than any baby under a blanket I have ever seen (I mean even cuter than my own kids).

    Photo Credit - iStock Photo
  • Mostly Scary 15 of 15
    Mostly Scary
    This black cat does not look cozy and cute at all. He looks like he's hoping you don't see him so he can jump out and scare you. Or maybe knock you over and take your snack.

    Photo Credit - Flickr/Auntee Owwee

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