16 Cats Playing in the Snow (Photos)

You’d think all cats would hate the snow, what with it being cold, flaky water and all. It turns out some cats don’t mind it. Some cats seem to positively adore the snow and are all I lurve you Mr. Snowman you’re my new BFF. Not surprisingly, these tend to be the kitties with longer, thicker fur.

Our kitties are indoor cats only, so they’ve never been in the snow. The other day, though, one of our cats escaped. Before his feet could even reach the snow, though, he realized how terrifying Nature really is: He spotted a squirrel, turned tail, and ran back inside.

I don’t think he’d like the snow very much.

But check out these kitties exploring the frozen tundra, below!


  • 16 Cats Playing in the Snow 1 of 17
    16 Cats Playing in the Snow
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  • Snow Day! 2 of 17
    Snow Day!
    Whee! No school!

    (Photo Credit: Matthias Zirngibl/Wikimedia Commons)
  • You want me to what now? 3 of 17
    You want me to what now?
    Uhm, did you know that this stuff is COLD?

    (Photo Credit: Flickr/CapCase)
  • Oh, come on now. 4 of 17
    Oh, come on now.
    My butt isn't THAT big.

    (Photo Credit: Daily Picks and Flicks)
  • We’re fine. 5 of 17
    We're fine.
    We're wearing coats.

    (Photo Credit: Flickr/clickit07)
  • Invisible Downhill Skiing 6 of 17
    Invisible Downhill Skiing
    Gearing up for Invisible Winter Olympics.

    (Photo Credit: Flickr/ColKorn1982)
  • I LOVE YOU. 7 of 17
    Why are you so cold? I'll warm you up.

    (Photo Credit: FunnyCutePics)
  • Kitty Igloo 8 of 17
    Kitty Igloo
    The better to attack your feet from.

    (Photo Credit: Flickr/gamppart)
  • Go on a diet, they said. 9 of 17
    Go on a diet, they said.
    You'll feel better, they said. SUCKERS!

    (Photo Credit: The Meta Picture)
  • Guess how I got the snow to melt? 10 of 17
    Guess how I got the snow to melt?
    Go on. Guess!

    (Photo Credit: iStockphoto)
  • Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful. 11 of 17
    Don't hate me because I'm beautiful.
    Doesn't my fur look fabulous against the snow? I know. It does.

    (Photo Credit: Flickr/Odds Photography)
  • Dashing Through the Snow 12 of 17
    Dashing Through the Snow
    Not actually an option.

    (Photo Credit: Pop Kitten)
  • Fluffeh Stuff Not What I Expected 13 of 17
    Fluffeh Stuff Not What I Expected
    This stuff is cold, people.

    (Photo Credit: Flickr/Robin Hutton)
  • Stahp. 14 of 17
    This game needs to be over now.

    (Photo Credit: iStockphoto)
  • No, really, Dog. Stop. 15 of 17
    No, really, Dog. Stop.
    Throwing a snowball at my butt while I walk away is NOT funny, Dog.

    (Photo Credit: iStockphoto)
  • You Totally Can’t See Me 16 of 17
    You Totally Can't See Me
    I'm hiding.

    (Photo Credit: iStockphoto)
  • You know what? 17 of 17
    You know what?
    We'll just enjoy it from here.

    (Photo Credit: Flickr/shellac)

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