16 Pet Themed Children’s Books for the Holidays

The holidays are a great time for giving books as gifts, and it is fitting to make them holiday themed books as well. Meanwhile, perhaps you would like to share a Christmas story or two with your own child. There are many, many great holiday themed children’s books out there, but what about those for the pet lovers?

Well, there is no shortage of pet themed holiday books either. I did some browsing and came up with these 16 books that all appear to be excellent choices. So if you are looking for the perfect holiday book with a pet oriented theme for your child, consider one of the books in this selection.

  • Holiday Children’s Books With Pet Themes 1 of 17
    Holiday books

    Fun reading material for your child's holiday season!

  • Santa’s Stuck 2 of 17

    In Santa's Stuck, the dog, cat, and eventually a mouse, come to Santa's rescue when he gets stuck in the chimney. This humorous book  is for ages 3 and up and it always gets rave reviews. 

    Purchase on Amazon for $5.39

  • Carl’s Christmas 3 of 17

    Carl's Christmas features the popular rottweiler Carl who "takes good care of the baby" in all of his stories. In this book, Carl and baby spread some holiday cheer. Even if you find the story of a large dog caring for an infant a little bit bizarre, children love the Carl books and they always love to hear his stories. For ages 4-6.

    Purchase on Amazon for $7.19

  • Kangaroo for Christmas 4 of 17

    In Kangaroo for Christmas, chaos ensues as a child rides her new pet kangaroo to Grandma's house for Christmas. This is a classic children's book that presents a fun and unique holiday story. For ages 4-8.

    Purchase on Amazon for $13.21

  • Biscuit’s Pet and Play Christmas 5 of 17

    Biscuits Pet and Play Christmas is a classic "touch and feel" book for young children, following a puppy through all of his holiday adventures. It is a nice interactive book for ages 3-6. 

    Purchase on Amazon for $6.29

  • Pete the Cat Saves Christmas 6 of 17

    Pete the Cat Saves Christmas is a new take on the traditional story of the Night Before Christmas where Pete takes over for Santa, who is ill, and saves the holiday. If your children like this book, then there are number of other Pete the Cat stories that you may want to explore as well. For ages 4-8 years.

    Purchase on Amazon for $13.58

  • Mint’s Christmas Message 7 of 17

    In Mint's Christmas Message, a retired champion pony teaches his trainer a lesson about Christmas. It is described as heartfelt and soulful, and it's perfect for any child who loves horses. Best for ages 4 and up. 

    Purchase used on Amazon from $.55 

  • Holly the True Story of a Cat 8 of 17

    Holly, the True Story of a Cat tells the touching tale (pun intended!) of an abandoned kitten who is adopted at Christmas time. The book is full of charming artwork and recommended for children ages 2-5. 

    Purchase used on Amazon from $2.54

  • The Christmas Cat 9 of 17

    The Christmas Cat tells the story of a kitten calming the newborn baby Jesus. It is inspired by Leonardo da Vinci's drawings of La Madonna del Gatto, which depict Mary holding the baby Jesus while he is cuddling a cat. For ages 3-6 years.

    Purchase on Amazon for $12.75

  • A Ferret’s Christmas Eve 10 of 17

    In A Ferret's Christmas Eve, two ferrets get in a bit of a bind when they make a mess of the kitchen (and the Christmas tree!) just before Santa arrives. Then they must hurry to prove that they have been good. For ages 4-8. 

    Purchase on Amazon for $2.99

  • Mo Smells Christmas 11 of 17

    Mo Smells Christmas is a scented book that uses aromatherapy oils to follow a dog's exploration of the Christmas holiday using his nose. It is a fun, interactive picture book for young children ages 3-6. 

    Purchase on Amazon for $17.42

  • The Twelve Dogs of Christmas 12 of 17

    The Twelve Dogs of Christmas takes a fresh look at the popular Christmas carol using everyone's favorite dog breeds. Even if it lacks my personal pick, corgis obviously, it's still fun nonetheless! For ages 3-10.

    Purchase on Amazon for $11.54

  • A Cat in the Stable 13 of 17

    A Cat in the Stable follows the story of girl who prays for a lost pet and finds a wonderful surprise on Christmas day.  It is a very touching story about pet loss and rebirth. For ages 4 and up.

    Purchase used on Amazon from $4.00 

  • A Pussycat’s Christmas 14 of 17

    A Pussycat's Christmas is a classic holiday poem with beautiful artwork. Children love it, especially young children in the age 2-4 range.

    Purchase on Amazon for $8.99

  • Annie and the Wild Animals 15 of 17

    Annie and the Wild Animals follows the title character as she searches for her lost cat in the woods. Wild animals do a bit to interfere along the way, but all ends well. For ages 3-6.

    Purchase on Amazon for $13.35

  • First Dog’s White House Christmas 16 of 17

    In First Dog's White House Christmas, the First Pet shares his Christmas party at the White House with a look at various holiday traditions from around the world.  For ages 3-12.

    Purchase on Amazon for $12.12

  • Littlest Pet Shop The Night Before Christmas 17 of 17

    The Littlest Pet Shop The Night Before Christmas combines the popular Littlest Pet Shop toys with the classic poem and interactive stickers, to create a fun Christmas tale. For ages 4-8

    Purchase used on Amazon from $1.96

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