16 Pets on the Playground

I can see why pets love playground equipment. Dogs and cats often love to climb and explore, and playgrounds offer lots of open space to frolic.  Many areas have special dog parks or playground areas set up for pets, which are ideal locations to go to if your pet likes to climb and explore. Of course, not all standard playgrounds are open to pets and, before you take your pet to one, you should consider a few factors:

  • Does the playground allow pets?  Obviously you do not want to take your pet to an area where it is not welcome.
  • Is your pet sociable and will your pet be OK with other people around, especially children? Playgrounds are shared by many. If you take your pet, be sure he or she will be well behaved, and do not approach children with your pet unless they and their parents welcome it.
  • Is the playground safe for your pet? If the area is not fenced, keep your pet on a leash. Also, some pets are not comfortable with playgrounds and playground equipment. For those pets, a quiet walk in the park is a better option.

Playgrounds also provide lot of great photo opportunities, as shown in the below slideshow. I love these fun photos of pets on the playground!

  • Pets on the Playground 1 of 17
    Pets on the Playground

    Photo Credit: Photo Credit: Emily Nichols & Scout Corgi, and Shutterstock


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  • Corgis in a Tunnel 2 of 17

    Gibson from the Corgi Butts blog and Ty from Puppy on a Roomba share some play time during a corgi meetup.

  • Hanging Out on the Jungle Gym 3 of 17

    What could be better than just hanging around on the jungle gym?


    Photo Credit: Shutterstock 

  • Corgi on the Playground Tires 4 of 17

    Scout the Corgi enjoys some tire time at the playground.


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    Photo Credit: Emily Nichols & Scout Corgi


  • Terrier at the Slide 5 of 17

    This little guy is contemplating his upcoming trip down the slide.


    Photo Credit: Shutterstock 

  • Dog Running Down the Slide 6 of 17

    Why slide, when you can run and leap instead? This dog clearly enjoys his playground time.


    Photo Credit: Shutterstock

  • Making Friends 7 of 17

    This is one of my favorite photos of my corgi Ty at the playground. He met this gentle giant Bernese Mountain Dog during a corgi meetup at an area dog park. 

  • Dog Swinging in the Park 8 of 17

    This cutie is enjoying some quality time on the swing.


    Photo Credit: Shutterstock

  • Cats Climbing on a Tire 9 of 17

    A half buried tire makes a great perch and play object for these two cats.


    Photo Credit: Shutterstock 

  • Bulldog on a Slide 10 of 17

    This bulldog is all smiles on the playground slide.


    Photo Credit: Shutterstock

  • Dog on a Swing on a Beautiful Day 11 of 17

    This dog is enjoying what appears to be a beautiful day at the park.


    Photo Credit: Shutterstock 

  • Pug on a Tree Stump 12 of 17

    This pug has a great view of the park from his vantage point on a tree stump.


    Photo Credit: Shutterstock

  • Llama at the Park 13 of 17

    Even Llamas like playgrounds. This one is enjoying a snack by an interesting looking wood fort.


    Photo Credit: Shutterstock

  • Puppy Playing on the Playground 14 of 17

    This adorable puppy is all dressed up for some winter playground fun.


    Photo Credit: Shutterstock

  • Puppy in a Play Tunnel 15 of 17

    Play tunnels such as this are often set up at dog parks specially for dogs to run through. Here, a puppy enjoys his tunnel time.


    Photo Credit: Shutterstock 

  • Dog Enjoys Park Slide 16 of 17

    Here is another dog who loves to leap and bound down the slide. 


    Photo Credit: Shutterstock

  • Perching Pretty at the Playground 17 of 17

    Sometimes you just want to sit and take in the view.


    Photo Credit: Shutterstock

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