17 Awesome St. Patrick’s Day Etsy Finds for Pets (Photos)

I love me some Etsy. Part artistic brilliance, part drunken hot-glue-and-glitter festival, I can get lost clicking through the crafty site for hours. Fortunately, part of my job involves doing just that, and finding unique, fun pet items to share here.

In this case, I went searching through Etsy to find out what’s new in the world of handmade accessories for St. Patrick’s Day, and found some great picks for dogs, cats, and even guinea pigs. Does your guinea pig need a festive sweater dress? Probably not, but it is awesome and you should get one anyway. Also, you should take your guinea pig’s picture in said dress and send it to me, please. Because I love that stuff.

From cat collars to dog treats, and everything in between, here are my picks for the 17 best St. Patrick’s Day finds on Etsy, just for pets.

  • ZOMG I Love Etsy. 1 of 18
    ZOMG I Love Etsy.
    The 17 best pet accoutrements for St. Patrick's Day, fresh from Etsy. Click the arrows to scroll through!
  • Meta Dog Is Meta 2 of 18
    Meta Dog Is Meta
    This St. Patrick's Day bandana for dogs features dogs...wearing St. Patrick's Day bandanas.

    (Available on Etsy, $6.)
  • Beanie FTW 3 of 18
    Beanie FTW
    This is obviously a look every pet can and should rock, and frankly, I think it works year-round.

    (Available on Etsy, $12.)
  • Cat in the Hat 4 of 18
    Cat in the Hat
    If you've ever wondered what your cat would look like in a seasonal crocheted hat AND braids, now's your chance.

    (Available on Etsy, $18.)
  • Parade Perfection 5 of 18
    Parade Perfection
    I really hope I see a dog wearing this on St. Patrick's Day.

    (Available on Etsy, $10.)
  • Heh. 6 of 18
    Made in a flexible knit fabric to suit even the most active kitty, this one is so cute I had to show it from two angles.

    (Available on Etsy, $16.)
  • Almost too cute to let your dog chew on it. 7 of 18
    Almost too cute to let your dog chew on it.
    Love this St. Patrick's Day monster dog toy.

    (Available on Etsy, $14.)
  • For the cat who dreams of being Elton John. 8 of 18
    For the cat who dreams of being Elton John.
    Beer goggles?

    (Available on Etsy, $12.)
  • Guinea. Pig. Sweater. 9 of 18
    Guinea. Pig. Sweater.
    Your argument is invalid.

    (Available on Etsy, $6.)
  • This is not a scrunchy, actually. 10 of 18
    This is not a scrunchy, actually.
    I totally thought this was just a scrunchy stuck on a cat's neck. It's actually a pretty clever design that slips over a cat's collar like a sleeve.

    That being said, if you cover your cat's collar, make sure the cover doesn't get in the way of the cat collar's break-away clasp.

    (Available on Etsy, $4.)
  • Another Collar Option 11 of 18
    Another Collar Option
    This seasonal kitty collar includes break-away clasp and a bell to warn the birds and/or annoy you in the middle of the night.

    (Available on Etsy, $12.)
  • WANT 12 of 18
    I want this pug. In this hat. Right now.

    (Available on Etsy, $12.)
  • Any of the hats from Etsy Shop ‘To Scarborough Fair’ 13 of 18
    Any of the hats from Etsy Shop 'To Scarborough Fair'
    Far and above my favorite maker of cat hats on Etsy, not just for the detail work but because how do you get that cat to stay still like that?

    (All available from To Scarborough Fair on Etsy, prices vary.)
  • I Have Elfin Magic 14 of 18
    I Have Elfin Magic
    One more hat from To Scarborough Fair because I just had to. Hand-felted wool hat edged with teeny-tiny glass beads, for the magical kitty in your life.

    (Available from To Scarborough Fair on Etsy, $38.)
  • Tam o’ Shanter, for the Proud Scotch-Irish Pup 15 of 18
    Tam o' Shanter, for the Proud Scotch-Irish Pup
    Okay, I'm pretty sure Tam o' Shanters are really Scottish, not Irish, but still, this is pretty freaking cute.

    (Available on Etsy, $8.50.)
  • Top o’ the Morning to Ya! 16 of 18
    Top o' the Morning to Ya!
    This crocheted top hat is sure to cheer you up, no matter how hung over you are on March 18.

    (Available on Etsy, $20.)
  • Because You’re Not Supposed to Give Your Dog Green Beer 17 of 18
    Because You're Not Supposed to Give Your Dog Green Beer
    Celebrate St. Patrick's Day with treats made especially for your dog. Made from organic oat flour, organic brown rice flour, egg, olive oil, water, and yogurt frosting.

    (Available on Etsy, $40.)
  • And of course, there’s a tutu. 18 of 18
    And of course, there's a tutu.
    You know what will make your neighborhood smile? Seeing you walk your dog wearing a tutu. The dog, I mean. Although I'm sure you can totally rock a tutu also. In fact, that would be even better. But at least the dog. Please?

    (Available on Etsy, $24.)

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