17 Guinea Pigs Dressed Up For Halloween

Halloween is fast approaching friends and I hope you all have your costumes ready! I honestly don’t know what I am going to be this year but my kids do have their costumes all picked out.

I have never really been a huge fan of halloween, but I can see some people really do dig this time of year. They get their house all spooked up for the neighbourhood kids and spend loads of time planning out their costumes, making it ever better than the year before.

Since I know you all love your pets as part of the family (like you should) I have been having a lot of fun checking out all the costumes there are for our furry pets. It’s easy to think of dressing up our dogs and cats for the season, but I don’t want to leave those of you with loveable guinea pigs out of the fun too. There are amazingly fun costumes available for your furry little one as well!

Click through to see 17 guinea pigs all ready for halloween in their costumes:

  • Pirate 1 of 17
    Your guinea will look fierce and adorable in this pirate hat!
    Photo credit: Rochelle, just rochelle/Flickr
  • Bumble Bee 2 of 17
    A little bumble pig - how cute is this guy?!
    Photo credit: Rochelle, just rochelle/Flickr
  • Bunny 3 of 17
    When your little guy wants to feel a bit bigger all it takes is some bunny ears.
    Photo hosted on Imgur Gallery. Used with permission
  • Bride 4 of 17
    Help her feel like the beauty at the ball in her own bridal gown.
    Get your own from The Cavy Cottage, $22
  • Groom 5 of 17
    He will be the best dressed at the halloween party in this top hat!
    Get your own from The Cavy Cottage, $22
  • Queen 6 of 17
    She rules them all and knows it. How adorable!
    Get your own from The Cavy Cottage, $22
  • Golfer 7 of 17
    Who says the little guy can't win the game? Golfer plaid included.
    Get your own from The Cavy Cottage, $22
  • Nurse 8 of 17
    An important job indeed, this costume is perfect for the guinea who doesn't like gore.
    Get your own from The Cavy Cottage, $22
  • Graduate 9 of 17
    Nothing wrong with striving for the stars! Your little guinea pig can be a scholar this year.
    Get your own from The Cavy Cottage, $22
  • Bat Man 10 of 17
    If your guinea pig loves a certain super hero, let him pretend!
    Get your own from Sewingmommy, Etsy $14
  • Super Piggy 11 of 17
    Or why not let him be his own super hero?
    Get your own from laMarmotaCafe, Etsy $14.99
  • Dragon 12 of 17
    The right size to pull off this scary costume. He can wear it when he feels scared too.
    Buy the pattern from JanisCarletonAllen, Etsy $9.99
  • Witch 13 of 17
    That hat -- kills me. I wonder if there is a broom small enough?
    Buy the pattern from JanisCarletonAllen, Etsy $9.99
  • Wizzard 14 of 17
    She's going to cast a spell on you! Now you will be hers.
    Buy the pattern from JanisCarletonAllen, Etsy $9.99
  • Mother Earth 15 of 17
    If your little girl wants to play the hippy at halloween this year, here's the perfect costuem.
    Photo credit: iStockPhoto
  • Santa for Halloween 16 of 17
    In the spirit for another holiday, there's no reason why he can't dress as Santa.
    Photo credit: iStockPhoto
  • A Present 17 of 17
    A little treat with your tricks this year.
    Photo credit: iStockPhoto

Photo modified from iStockPhoto

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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