17 Pinterest Holiday Gift Boards for Pet Lovers

I adore Pinterest, and this year my Holiday Gifts for Corgi Lovers board was chosen to be featured by Pinterest in their 2013 Holiday Giving Guide. This got me thinking. What other pet-specific gift boards were out there? So I went looking for some.

I found a lot of great selections and chose my favorites to feature here. Use these gift guides for the pet lovers in your life or as inspiration for your own gifts. There are some really neat and unique items on these boards.

I included my corgi board and the Pinterest holiday guide too. Enjoy!

  • Awesome Pinterest Boards for Pet Lovers 1 of 19
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    Try Pinterest for gift giving inspiration!

  • DIY Dog Gifts 2 of 19

    Dog DIY Gift Ideas is full of cool DIY projects for pets. The dog clothes patterns and hangers are especially ingenious!     

  • Artsy Stuff 3 of 19

    Gifts for Visual Dog Lovers is full of artsy gift items. I love stuff from museum gift shops, and this board reminds me of the stock in those stores. Imagine the cutest shop in the ultimate dog museum and this is the stuff that you would find.

  • Female Cat Lovers 4 of 19

    Gifts for my Cat Loving Sister is full of awesome feline-themed apparel and accessories aimed at women. There are a ton of items on this board that I had never seen before. If you have a female cat lover in your life, you need to look at this one!

  • Luxury Dog Gifts 5 of 19

    For the Holidays is full of luxury items for dogs. From crystal collars to couture dog dresses, you will find it here. Just be prepared for some sticker shock!  

  • Kitty Christmas 6 of 19

    Holiday Gifts for Your Cat is full of awesome cat toys, beds, and scratchers. There are plenty of affordable items on this list. 

  • For the Elderly Dog 7 of 19

    Gifts for Old Dogs is a neat board with items to help your elderly pet. Here you will find orthopedic beds, nutrition and mobility aids, and many other items to help keep your old pal happy and comfortable. 

  • Cat Heaven 8 of 19

    Cat Gifts is another board with a lot of DIY options. There are great do it yourself cat scratchers on here, in particular. But there are also cute cat dolls and neat items from places like Etsy so you can also help support small business.

  • DIY Dog Treats 9 of 19

    Dog Treat Recipes is a great place for DIY gifts for your dog. Cats would enjoy some of these as well. If you like to bake, make up a set of treats for your pet and slip them in their holiday stocking!   

  • Gifts for the Cat and Dog Person 10 of 19

    Gifts for the Cat Dog Person is full of fun apparel and items for the home that would all make excellent gifts for your feline and canine loving friends. Most are quite unique, including an adorable cat tote and an amusing "hair of the dog" flask.

  • Grumpy Cat Gifts 11 of 19

    Gifts for the Grump in Your Life is all about grumpy cat. From art, to frames, to apparel... it is all here, no stone unturned. Grumpy cat was last year's top holiday meme and he hasn't really gone away, so here are plenty of items to choose from.   

  • Dog Lovers Guide 12 of 19

    Gifts for Dog Lovers has all sorts of items for you, your home, and your dog. There are some rather interesting items on this board, including an amazing chihuahua dress! 

  • Cat Enthusiasts 13 of 19

    Gifts for Cat Enthusiasts focuses on whimsical and funny gifts for the cat lover and also includes a number of Hello Kitty items. If you are looking for cute cat gifts and apparel, this is the place to be.  

  • Dogs and Owners 14 of 19

    Dog Holiday Gift Guide has a lot of home decor items, including items that would work in the home year round. If you are a dog lover and like to include pets in your decorating scheme, this board is a great place for inspiration.

  • For the Dogs 15 of 19

    Dog Gifts has a lot of unique and higher end gifts for your dog, including a lot of neat outdoor items and pet furniture. 

  • Pet Lovers Guide 16 of 19

    Holiday Gift Guide for Dogs and Cats and the People Who Love Them is another board with a good amount of pet-oriented home decor items. There's tons of silly, but the list also includes a number of practical items. 

  • Corgi Guide 17 of 19

    Holiday Gifts for Corgi Lovers is my own gift guide for corgi fanatics. It features corgi items for the home, apparel, art, and more. Stop by and check it out! 

  • Pinterest Giving Guide 18 of 19

    The 2013 Pinterest Holiday Giving Guide has all sorts of specialty gift guide boards. Not all are pet-related, but there are a good number of pet boards there, including ones for specific types of breeds. It is a good place to go for inspiration for all of your holiday shopping needs!

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