17 Reasons to Adopt a Shelter Dog

October is National Adopt a Shelter Dog month. In 1998, I adopted a black lab, Molly, from a local shelter, and found a new best friend.

If you choose to adopt a shelter dog, there are a few things to keep in mind. You want to be well prepared for your new pet before you bring him or her home. Have supplies, food, veterinary care, and obedience classes already purchased or planned. Moving is also stressful for you and the dog. For great tips on preparing to adopt and dealing with the first 30 days, see this great set of Pet Adoption Tips from Petfinder.

Speaking of Petfinder, it also is a great place to look for pets to adopt. Use their Animal Rescues and Shelter page to find a location near you and see the pets that are available there.

Adopting a shelter dog is special. You are truly rescuing someone in great need. Here are 17 reasons to adopt to help convince you.

  • Why You Should Adopt a Shelter Dog 1 of 18
    Adopt a shelter dog
  • Live Longer 2 of 18

    Pets make you happy, happy people live longer. Just trust the sign!


    Photo Credit: Patrick Kwan

  • A Dancing Partner 3 of 18

    Adopt and see the happy dance!


    Photo Credit: Bev Sykes

  • Utter Happiness 4 of 18

    Causing this much happiness is reason enough alone!


    Photo Credit: Steph Skardal

  • Double the Fun 5 of 18

    Here are double the reasons to adopt. Who could resist these two?


    Photo Credit: Henry County Humane Society 

  • Cute Cuddles 6 of 18

    Your adopted baby will provide you with endless cuddling cuteness.


    Photo Credit: Tps12

  • Someone to Knit For 7 of 18

    Adopt a sweetie like this and you will have someone to knit sweaters for.


    Photo Credit: Fido Factor

  • Gaining a Navigator 8 of 18

    When you adopt a dog, you get a copilot and navigator.


    Photo Credit: Lauren Javier

  • Someone to Fetch For You 9 of 18

     Your shelter dog will be happy to fetch your balls and toys for you.


    Photo Credit: Steph Skardal

  • A Belly to Rub 10 of 18

    Doesn't everyone need a belly to rub? 


    Photo Credit: Maplegirlie

  • Another Use for Your Tennis Balls 11 of 18

    Tennis balls will no longer just be for tennis when you adopt a shelter dog. 


    Photo Credit: Robert Nunnally

  • Someone To Smile at You Everyday 12 of 18

    Get a daily smile with your adopted shelter dog.


    Photo Credit: Eunice

  • A Lap Dog for Life 13 of 18

    Get your own lap dog for life by adopting a shelter pet.


    Photo Credit: Pets Advisor

  • A Helping Paw 14 of 18

    A shelter pet is always ready to lend a helping paw.


    Photo Credit: Spot Us

  • Share Your Fashion Sense 15 of 18

    When you adopt a shelter dog, you gain a new friend to share your favorite fashions with.


    Photo Credit: Tricia

  • A Walking Partner 16 of 18

    Adopt a dog and gain a walking partner for your fitness pursuits.


    Photo Credit: Kitty Kaht

  • Goofy Fun 17 of 18

    With a shelter dog you can fill your days with goofy fun.


    Photo Credit: Katie Brady

  • You Have Done Good 18 of 18

    When you remove a sweet face such as one of these from a shelter into their forever home, you know that you have done something very special and good. 


    Photo Credit: Pets Advisor

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