18 Pets Celebrate the 4th of July

Who is looking forward to the 4th of July? As a Canadian, we had our first summer celebration earlier this week as we celebrated Canada Day, but I do know that the 4th of July is a fun and well-loved holiday to my U.S neighbors.

What’s not to love too? You get to have amazing firework shows, BBQ’s filled with amazing food and good company, town parades, and ring in the summer season. It’s a big deal of fun and, since our pets are part of our family, they like to be a part of the family fun too.

There are some safety concerns to keep in mind if you’re going to have your pets out for your 4th of July celebrations and some pets may have some anxiety over firework noises. That doesn’t mean our pets can’t celebrate with us, we just need to be aware and sensitive to their moods. Some dogs and cats get really into the celebrations with us and a picture can tell a thousand words.

Click through to see 18 pets who are celebrating the 4th of July just like everyone else:

  • 18 Pets Celebrate the 4th of July 1 of 19
    4th of July

    People aren't the only ones looking to have a good time!

  • Loud Noises 2 of 19

    He's terrified and has found a place where he feels safer.

    Photo credit: image hosted on Imgur Gallery. Used with permission

  • On the Way 3 of 19

    He's all dressed up and ready to go to the family BBQ.

    Photo credit: image hosted on Imgur Gallery. Used with permission

  • Photoshoot 4 of 19

    Photo shoot time for this patriotic cat loving the holiday.

    Photo credit: image hosted on Imgur Gallery. Used with permission

  • At the Parade 5 of 19

    He's marching in the 4th of July parade and having the time of his life.

    Photo credit:  anja_johnson| Flickr Attribution

  • Helping Out 6 of 19

    He's helping out at the community event and loving all the attention.

    Photo credit:  Trent Bigelow | Flickr AttributionShare Alike

  • Keeping Cool 7 of 19

    He's keeping cool and staying in the flag shade.

    Photo credit: acme401| Flickr AttributionShare Alike

  • Dressed Right Up 8 of 19

    He's all star-spangled and perfect.

    Photo credit:  pdbreen| Flickr Attribution

  • Patriotic Cat 9 of 19

    Look at him rocking the outfit, the shades, and the flag!

    Photo credit: inkknife_2000| Flickr AttributionShare Alike

  • Flag Dog 10 of 19

    All decked out with a hat and a bow and totally ready for the BBQ.

    Photo credit: istockphoto

  • Flag Carry 11 of 19

    He's in charge of carrying the flag and he's doing a great job!

    Photo credit: istockphoto

  • A Little Shy 12 of 19

    He's hiding his cute face, and he's had a long day of fun.

    Photo credit: istockphoto

  • Iguana Love 13 of 19

    Look at the iguana all ready for the festivities. I bet he's having a wonderful day.

    Photo credit: istockphoto

  • Pom-Pom Kitty 14 of 19

    This little guy is in charge of the pom-poms for the parade and fireworks.

    Photo credit: istockphoto

  • Sunny and Happy 15 of 19

    He's thrilled to show his patriotic side while we watches all the fun.

    Photo credit: istockphoto

  • Pretty in Pigtails 16 of 19

    Look at how sweet she looks! Rocking the stars and ready to go.

    Photo credit: istockphoto

  • Running the Games 17 of 19

    He's showing off his physical skills and chasing all the toys at the family BBQ.

    Photo credit: istockphoto

  • Terrified 18 of 19

    He clearly does not care for all the commotion and noise!

    Photo credit: image hosted on Imgur Gallery. Used with permission

  • Patriotic Mouse 19 of 19

    He's protecting the cheese at the BBQ and is sure only to eat his share.

    Photo credit: istockphoto


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