20 Adorable Videos of Kids and Their Furry Best Friends

Just when you thought there was nothing more swoon-worthy than a sleeping newborn — throw in a basset hound spooning with her and your heart goes into instant overdrive. Dogs and cats hold a special place in the hearts of families throughout America … and YouTube is proof of that!

We scoured the site to find the best videos of kids with their furry best friends — and what we found was heartwarming. From babies rolling around with their kittens to doggy tea parties, here are the 20 cutest clips of babies and kids, dogs and cats. Check them out after the jump!


  • My Turn 1 of 20
    My Turn
    This baby's crying sparks Fido to imitate him with his own canine cries. We love how the baby falls silent as he tries to figure out what's going on.

  • Cat Fight! 2 of 20
    Cat Fight!
    We're not sure who's feistier in this baby-kitten brawl.

  • Fishy Funeral 3 of 20
    Fishy Funeral
    Saying goodbye to a first pet is never easy, but this little family handles it with great grace. At least until Mom starts laughing. What do you think? Would you be able to keep a straight face when eulogizing a finned friend?

  • Whos Walking Whom? 4 of 20
    Whos Walking Whom?
    This little girl and pug make a pretty pair. No doubt they'll grow up to be BFFs.

  • Cutest Kisses Ever 5 of 20
    Cutest Kisses Ever
    Seriously, is there anything better than a baby and a puppy kissing? Nope.

  • Boy’s Best Friend 6 of 20
    Boy's Best Friend
    We're not sure who's luckier — little Joshua or his furry best friend. Skip to 1:30 to watch the sweetest sequence of doggie-toddler hugs ever.

  • Hands on 7 of 20
    Hands on
    This Saint Bernard teaches his little friend about hands. Maybe feet are next?

  • Kitten Around 8 of 20
    Kitten Around
    Playing with the family cat has this baby giggling up a storm. But go to 1:43 — given his annoyed glare, we'd say the cat was less than amused.

  • Boxer, Baby, and Bubbles 9 of 20
    Boxer, Baby, and Bubbles
    More giggles! This time it's a dog who loves to be included in bathtime — and a baby who thinks his buddy's bubble-eating ways are pretty darn funny.

  • Best Christmas in the History of the Holiday? 10 of 20
    Best Christmas in the History of the Holiday?
    These parents put Santa to shame when they surprised this little girl with a Christmas kitten. Her genuine happiness is contagious. The only one not so sure of this whole situation is the cowering cat.

  • The Christmas Cuteness Continues 11 of 20
    The Christmas Cuteness Continues
    This gift from Santa is perfectly packaged with a letter from the North Pole. And we love the extra effort the parents went to in writing up instructions on how to be gentle with their newest family member!

  • 6-year-old Super Trainer 12 of 20
    6-year-old Super Trainer
    This little boy is an excellent example of how hard work and dedication can turn any kid into a loyal dog owner.

  • Playtime Partner 13 of 20
    Playtime Partner
    Anyone who has played with a dog knows that they love to "mirror" you. This baby may not be walking yet, but he already knows how to play the game.

  • Bedtime Buds … 14 of 20
    Bedtime Buds …
    One commenter on this video of 2-week-old Amber and the family basset hound wrote: "This video is so sweet, I think it just gave me diabetes." We couldn't have said it better ourselves.

  • … And 10 Months Later 15 of 20
    … And 10 Months Later
    Amber is now eating solids and sharing them with her furry friend.

  • The Cracker Snacker 16 of 20
    The Cracker Snacker
    This toddler loves to share her leftover food with her Chihuahua companion.

  • Littlest Game of Fetch 17 of 20
    Littlest Game of Fetch
    This big black lab named Skye doesn't seem to mind that his tiny tot can only toss the ball two to three feet.

  • Doggie Love 18 of 20
    Doggie Love
    This loving little girl tells it like it is — she really loves her dog Sawyer.

  • Tea for Two 19 of 20
    Tea for Two
    She was cute saying she loved him, but inviting her doggie friend to her tea party? Outright adorable overload! We love how patiently Sawyer is waiting for his treats … er, cookies.

  • Does Size Really Matter? 20 of 20
    Does Size Really Matter?
    Certainly not to this mismatched couple. This gentle giant is happy to entertain his little human brother.

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Note: Always closely supervise pets with babies or small children.

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