20 Cats Who Just Can’t Seem to Get Along

Last year, we adopted two cats at different times and our life has been interesting ever since.

I had hopes that Ariel and Gmork would get along. I envisioned lots of cute cuddles and imagined that they would be fun playmates. I was wrong at least for now. Ariel is a quiet cat, she’s about 3-years-old and Gmork, still a kitten, loves to get into everything and run around like a wild man. Ariel wants none of it.

They seem to fight a lot. I don’t think that they’ll actually harm each other. It seems more playful, but either way they just can’t seem to get along right now. I’m hoping that will change over time as Gmork calms down from the kitten crazy and becomes more of a subdued house cat.

Here are some more cats that can’t seem to move past their differences and they’re currently at the end of their rope.

  • Cats Who Can’t Get Along 1 of 11

    Not everyone is bound to be BFFs!

  • What Did You Say? 2 of 11

    Things have been touchy for these two for a long while -- they're more like frenemies than friends and now it's come down to a physical fight.

    Photo credit: jonner | Flickr

  • You Can’t Come In 3 of 11

    He just wanted to come by to say he was sorry for taking that mouse they both spent so much time hunting. She won't accept his apology though, and they're never going to get along.

    Photo credit: Brilhasti1 | Flickr

  • My Toy! 4 of 11

    One of the annoying things about having kids is when they're all in that "I don't want to share" phase. Well, these two kittens are definitely do NOT want to share.

    Photo credit: Out.of.Focus | Flickr

  • You Are Late 5 of 11

    He was supposed to pick her up like 2 hours ago, but apparently he had better things to do. These two are always bickering! Break up already!

    Photo credit: | Flickr

  • Arm Wrestling 6 of 11

    It may seem like these two are having an innocent arm wrestling match, but they're really dueling it out up there. Personal pride is at stake.

    Photo credit: Tiger Girl | Flickr

  • My Spot 7 of 11

    It's movie time, and these two are fighting over who gets this comfortable chair. The spotted one had it last time, and the black kitten thinks it should be his turn now.

    Photo credit: Shan213 | Flickr

  • Just No 8 of 11

    These two have been in the house for far too long, thanks to a snow storm. They clearly have cabin fever and need some space!

    Photo credit: Jsome1 | Flickr

  • Phone Message 9 of 11

    She forgot to pass along the phone message that his crush called. Bad sister now he may never get that date.

    Photo credit: Marianne Perdomo | Flickr

  • Playful Fighting? 10 of 11

    It's hard to tell if these kittens are having fun and kissing or if they're really out to get each other. Either way, it's kinda cute.

    Photo credit: philborg | Flickr

  • The Handbag 11 of 11

    That green bag may not look like much to us, but that's a prized possession for one cat and the other is trying to take it without asking.

    Photo credit: quotedfortruth | Flickr

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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