20 Dogs Who Are Naughty And They Know It (Photos)

20 Dogs Who Are Naughty And They Know It If you’ve had a puppy, you’ve likely come home, at one time or another, to a mess. Whether it was a liquid dilemma or a chewy situation, many dogs become very guilty when caught in the act. Remember Denver, the kitty treat thief and Berlin, the sheet chewer? 

And then there are those who not only unremorseful, but flat-out proud of their bad deeds.

Check out these 20 pups who are naughty and they know it!



  • If I pretend to sneeze… 1 of 20
    If I pretend to sneeze...
    do you think I'll get away with it?
  • When my owners go to work…. 2 of 20
    When my owners go to work....
    I spend luxurious days in my kitchen spa.
  • Partners in Crime 3 of 20
    Partners in Crime
    The apple doesn't fall far from the tree. right?
  • C’mon 4 of 20
    You never read this anyway.
  • I know the floors were just cleaned… 5 of 20
    I know the floors were just cleaned...
    but you haven't lived until you've slided headfirst into a fresh mud puddle.
  • Convicted 6 of 20
    But I take a pretty good mug shot, don't you think?
  • They’ll never know… 7 of 20
    They'll never know...
    I'll only take a little.
  • Innocent! 8 of 20
    That's not my bite!
  • Got carried away… 9 of 20
    Got carried away...
    and then couldn't spring myself free... but oh, what fun!
  • The cat made me do it… 10 of 20
    The cat made me do it...
    So what choice did I have?
  • That’s what you get… 11 of 20
    That's what you get...
    when you leave me alone all day.
  • Just looking for a snack 12 of 20
    Just looking for a snack
    What's wrong with that?
  • When I do something real bad…. 13 of 20
    When I do something real bad....
    I make this face and suddenly all is forgiven.
  • This is precisely the reason… 14 of 20
    This is precisely the reason...
    why I have to resort to desperate measures.
  • Our owners do it all the time 15 of 20
    Our owners do it all the time
    What can they expect from us?
  • You rub my back, 16 of 20
    You rub my back,
    I'll rub yours. That's what I tell the kids in my family.
  • I know, I know 17 of 20
    I know, I know
    I'll regret this in the morning when I have tummy trouble.
  • If you only knew… 18 of 20
    If you only knew...
    those were good times.
  • Yeah, you reprimand me…. 19 of 20
    Yeah, you reprimand me....
    but I'll still be sleeping in your bed in a few hours.
  • Shady 20 of 20
    I may look innocent, but that's my gimmick.

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