20 Most Popular Kitten Names

Top 20 Kitten NamesThey’re cute, they’re cuddly, and they have the ability to turn a blah day into something really fun! There is nothing better than becoming a cat owner (unless you’re a dog person, of course!). Getting a kitten of your own is a memorable moment of pure joy. Kittens can do no wrong. Unlike dogs, they don’t need much (or any potty training ), walks, or obedience school. Once you bring home a kitten, it’s time to cuddle and love that brand new ball of fluff running around your house. However, it is also time to name him/her.

I’ve had a lot of cats throughout my childhood. Some of their names were Sam, Storm, Scorpio, Kelly, Olivia, and Luciano. While they are not conventional names by any standards, but they were some of the sweetest cats in the world.

Now, we have two cats (Cloe and Lily) with names in the list below of the top kitten names courtesy of VetStreet. The names are compiled into a male and female breakdown depending on your kitty’s gender.

So whether you want to get some ideas for your next kitten’s name or you want to see if your current kitty’s name made the top ten, check out this awesome list!


Female Names:

10. Daisy

9. Nala

8. Sophie

7. Lily

6. Molly

5. Chloe

4. Luna

3. Kitty

2. Lucy

1. Bella


Male Names

10. Kitty

9. Jack

8. Leo

7. Smokey

6. Milo

5. Simba

4. Charlie

3. Tiger

2. Max

1. Oliver

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