20 Pet Names Inspired By Classic Movies and TV Shows

Just like I love baby names, I am a huge fan of hearing fun and unique pet names. Have you had a chance to meet our new kitten Gmork yet? It’s been so fun to have another cat in the house and a kitten at that — he sure has a lot of spunk! We adopted him from the local animal shelter, just as we did our other cat, Ariel and while we decided to keep her shelter-given name, we changed Gmork’s to what it is now.

There’s no mistaking that both of their names are inspired by classic movies — Disney’s The Little Mermaid and one of my other childhood favorites, The Neverending Story. Just like my kids’ names, I like unique and inspired by somewhere names for my pets and so these two are totally fitting.

If you’re on the lookout for the perfect pet name for your newest member, check out these 20 fun pet names inspired by classic movies and TV shows. You may just find the perfect one you’re looking for!

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    Looking for a fun name for your new pet family member?Check out these fun movie and TV inspired pet names:

  • Luke 2 of 21

    He's one of the most famous characters from Star Wars and is a fighter -- the perfect name for your pet!

  • Leia 3 of 21

    This Star Wars star doesn't take crap from anyone and is one fierce fighter.

  • Yoda 4 of 21

    In the movie Star Wars, the character named Yoda kind of looks like a dog anyway.

  • Jar Jar 5 of 21

    If you've noticed your not-yet-named pet likes to talk a lot and say the same thing over and over -- this name inspired by the Star Wars character is perfect.

  • Falkor 6 of 21

    If you're looking for a luck dragon of your own, Falkor is the most famous one from the movie The Neverending Story.

  • Artax 7 of 21

    Okay, so he didn't get much play in the movie The Neverending Story, but Artax the horse had a pivotal play in the movie and it's a cute name.

  • Gmork 8 of 21

    This is where our cat Gmork has been named from -- The Neverending Story. It's not the best of inspiration if you're weird about "evil" characters since he was the wolf who worked for the Nothing, but it's a great name for a black cat.

  • Atreyu 9 of 21

    The main character from The Nevernding Story, Atreyu is a warrior and adventure-seeker -- a perfect name for a curious cat or dog.

  • Gizmo 10 of 21

    Who doesn't know who Gizmo is? The lovable gremlin from the movie Gremlins -- he even already looks like a cat.

  • Stripe 11 of 21

    It may seem like a simple name for a striped dog or cat, but Stripe was one of the popular characters from the movie Gremlins, and it's perfect!

  • Mohawk 12 of 21

    Another pet name inspired by the movie Gremlins, this is a cute name for a spike-haired pet like this rabbit.

  • Flora 13 of 21

    A typical person name that we don't hear too often, but perfect for any pet. Inspired by the Disney movie Sleeping Beauty, Flora was one of the fairies that protected Aurora.

  • Fauna 14 of 21

    Another one of those protecting fairies in the Disney movie Sleeping Beauty, it's also a cute name for any pet without it being automatically known where the inspiration came from.

  • Marryweather 15 of 21

    Totally a perfect name, especially if you have three pets and the other two are named Flora and Fauna. Marryweather is the third fairy in the Disney movie Sleeping Beauty.

  • Mor’du 16 of 21

    Another pet name inspired by a "bad guy" in a movie, but it's such a good name. Inspired by the bear in the Disney movie Brave.

  • Meeko 17 of 21

    I love this name and although it's inspired by the raccoon in the Disney movie Pocahontas, it's perfect for any pet.

  • Odie 18 of 21

    Who doesn't know where the inspiration for this name comes from? Of course, the lovable dog in the classic Garfield stories!

  • Garfield 19 of 21

    Sure, this would be the best name for an orange cat who loves to eat a little too much, but is'a wonderful name for any pet, inspired by the classic Garfield stories.

  • Snoopy 20 of 21

    It's a name that's not too unique for a dog, but it's a classic name from the classic Charlie Brown stories.

  • Scooby 21 of 21

    I love this name for a pet as well and although it's inspired by the classic Scooby-do stories, who says it can't be used for a cat too?

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