20 Totally Weird & Wacky Cat & Dog Tattoos (Photos)

Keyboard Cat!

Tattoos are forever. And with such a commitment, what you get inked on your body usually has a special meaning, with tributes to mothers, fathers, sons, daughters, and even … pets.

Tons of people have gone into their local tattoo parlors to get permanent portraits of their beloved pets or iconic animals that they just adore, like the keyboard cat (pictured left). We’re not going to lie … some of these tats are weird … really weird.

From a monocle and top hat-wearing pug to a skateboarding French bulldog, check out these 20 hilarious, bizarre, and sometimes brilliant tattoos of dogs and cats. Which is your favorite?



  • Professor Pug 1 of 19
    Professor Pug
    This looks like one smart pug — from his top hat and monocle to his studious-looking bow tie. It's weird ... but totally awesome.
    Source: College Humor
  • Dog Fingers 2 of 19
    Dog Fingers
    Now this is commitment to your dogs - not just getting tattoos of your pups, but getting them for everyone to see on your fingers.
  • Cat vs. Tail 3 of 19
    Cat vs. Tail
    For this tattoo to make sense, this girl will always have to have long hair. That's what I call commitment!
    Source: Lol Pix
  • Noble Dog 4 of 19
    Noble Dog
    Is this not the most noble dog you've ever seen? Yeah, I thought so. But would you get him tattooed on your arm.
    Source: Pet Advisor
  • Sunglasses Dog 5 of 19
    Sunglasses Dog
    Any dog wearing sunglasses is downright amazing. But is it worth a tattoo? I'm not sold.
    Source: Pet Advisor
  • Skateboarding 6 of 19
    Yes, because a skateboarding French bulldog is just what everyone needs on their body.
    Source: Tattoo Funny
  • A Dog and His Fan 7 of 19
    A Dog and His Fan
    It's hard to resist doing something in honor of those adorable doggie ears. And the fan, well that's a pretty "cool" addition.
    Source: Buzz Lol
  • Martini Dog 8 of 19
    Martini Dog
    One thing's for sure, this pup does not look comfortable ... at all.
    Source: Pet Advisor
  • Holy Doggie 9 of 19
    Holy Doggie
    If you've ever wondered what it would look like if the Virgin Mary was a dog, well here you have it.
    Source: Pet Advisor
  • Bat Pup 10 of 19
    Bat Pup
    It's not a bat ... it's not a man ... it's not Batman ... it's a cape-wearing pup!
    Source: MGO Blog
  • Take Time to Smell the Flowers 11 of 19
    Take Time to Smell the Flowers
    According to this tattoo, humans aren't the only ones who like to stop and smell the flowers ...
    Source: Pet Advisor
  • Pacifier Dog 12 of 19
    Pacifier Dog
    This is a curious one. Why, oh why, would someone get a tattoo of a pacifier-sucking dog?
    Source: Pet Advisor
  • … And Then It Gets Weird 13 of 19
    ... And Then It Gets Weird
    Yes, someone got this tattooed on their belly, making for an awkward beach day for all ...
    Source: Spew
  • When Dogs Fly 14 of 19
    When Dogs Fly
    This tattoo is a comic look at what happens when dogs fly. Don't worry ... it ends up being adorable.
    Source: Pet Advisor
  • Walking Cat 15 of 19
    Walking Cat
    This cat - he's going places. But only as far as the wrist ...
    Source: Tattoos Pit
  • Cutie Cat 16 of 19
    Cutie Cat
    I'm just imagining the conversation with the tattoo artist: "I want a cute cat, with butterfly wings, oh and he should be holding a daisy!" Bonus points if the artist was a total tough guy who is used to doing skulls and band logos.
    Source: Tattoos Pit
  • Sailor Cat 17 of 19
    Sailor Cat
    Here we get a look at the real cat and their tattoo incarnation. But this isn't a straight portrait; apparently his alter ego is sailor cat!
    Source: Mod Cat Love
  • Ouch 18 of 19
    Not only did this tattoo probably hurt to get, but it hurts to even look at it!
    Source: Tattoos Pit
  • Fancy Cat 19 of 19
    Fancy Cat
    If you thought the pug in the beginning of this slideshow was the only monocle-donning dapper pet tattoo, you're wrong. Meet the awesome "one love" cat. Yes, you're welcome.
    Source: Tattoos 99

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