20 Ways to Include Pets in Your Holiday Decor

When I was a child, my mother had several holiday themes for our home. One was a Christmas tree with only birds on it. Another was cats to match our cat loving household. So I have always liked the idea of using an animal theme in the holiday decor. Doing so makes everything more personal and meaningful for me. Fortunately for the pet lover, it also is not terribly difficult.

Incorporating pets into your home holiday decor can be as simple as hanging stockings for your pets, or as comprehensive as doing entire trees or all home decor based on a theme related to your pets or favorite animals. In my home, my corgis have their own stockings, and we have some specific corgi themed Christmas items. We also have photos of the pets taken with Santa to display. As the years go by, it seems like I focus more and more on the corgi theme.

Here are 20 pet themed holiday ideas to get you started. Use these as inspiration for your own pet themed holiday decor.

  • Pet Themed Holiday Decor 1 of 21
    Holiday Decor

    Make the holidays your own, by including pet themed items in your home decor.

  • Pet Themed Trees 2 of 21

    I loved my mother's bird and cat trees when I was child. Collecting the ornaments over the years can also be a fun family activity. Here is an example of  a polar bear theme tree, with a visiting guest who doesn't quite match the theme!  


    Photo Credit: Orangeaurochs

  • Milk Bone Tree 3 of 21

    Here is an incredibly unique pet themed item that is sure to draw attention. The use of milk bones as decorations is cute and whimsical, yet the item is still attractive. You can purchase this on Etsy, but it could also be made fairly easily as a family craft project. Either make new bone ornaments each year, or coat them in polyurethane  to preserve them. Just keep your dog away from it if you go the polyurethane route. The tree would certainly look tempting to any canine!


    Buy it on Etsy for $3.75

  • DIY Stockings 4 of 21

    You can order custom made stockings for your pets, but I have always liked making the old fashioned DIY glitter and glue kind. Pictured are the ones that I made for my corgis Ty and Eve. I also kept ones for pets now departed in my boxes of holiday decorations and get misty eyed over fond memories of them when I come across them each year.  

    These are easy to make. Simply buy blank stockings at a local craft store. Use glue to write the name and sprinkle glitter on top. This can also be a fun family craft project.

  • Theme Stockings 5 of 21

    Don't want the DIY stocking version? Here are some fun and unique bone shaped theme stockings that are attractive, yet different. I think they would be quite a conversation piece.   


    Buy one on Etsy for $35

  • Pet Cookie Cutters 6 of 21

    I had already purchased some corgi cookie cutters before I came across this on on Etsy. There are cookie cutters out there for all sorts of breeds. I got mine at Good Dog Express. You can find cat ones at Copper Gifts. Make pet themed cookies to entertain your family and friends!


    Buy it on Etsy for $6.99

  • Photos with Santa 7 of 21

    Every couple of years, we bring our pets to have their photos taken with Santa. This is my corgi Eve's photo from 2 years ago. We plan to get new ones made this year. I put the photos in Christmas theme frames from Target and display them on our entryway table. Look for photo opportunities at pet stores, pet training facilities, and pet shelters during the holiday season.  

  • Wall Hanging 8 of 21

    Wall hangings are a great way to add a touch of the holidays to any room. They also work well in small spaces. Pet themed items allow you to personalize things, while also fitting nicely into any holiday decor. This particular item is perfect for the dog lover or anyone with a Labrador retriever.  


    Buy it on Etsy for $21.95

  • Holiday Sweaters 9 of 21

    While you're dressing up your house, you can also dress up your pet. During the holiday season, Christmas pet sweaters and other pet apparel are easily found at most pet stores and big box retailers. 


    Photo Credit: Sarah Brown

  • Pet Themed Toys 10 of 21

    Stuffed or wooden decorative toys often work well with home decor, whether it's the holidays or not. You can place these items on an end table or a mantel as decorations to honor your pets.  


    Buy it on Etsy for $33

  • Holiday Pet Art 11 of 21

    Both Etsy and Ebay are full of pet art, and often it is quite affordable. Look for small framed prints to place on tables or larger prints for your walls. Another option is to get unframed items and add your own frame, perhaps even a holiday themed frame to amp up its merry charm. 


    Buy it on Etsy for $50

  • Custom Holiday Cards 12 of 21

    Make your own Christmas or holiday cards that feature your pets! If you are technologically inclined, you can do this yourself on your home computer, or you can buy customized theme cards on Etsy.  


    Buy it on Etsy for $12

  • Holiday Pet Food Bowls 13 of 21

    There are a couple of ways to get holiday pet dishes. One is to buy single deep bowls, such as cereal bowls with a holiday theme, and use those as pet dishes. Those are often available at department stores and big box retailers during the holiday season. The other is to look for pet specific dishes, such as the one pictured here.  


    Buy it on Etsy for $9.40

  • Specialty Dishes 14 of 21

    Aside from pet dishes, the holiday dishes that you'll use on your table can have a pet theme as well. Buy theme dishes on Etsy or, for some family fun, go to a paint your own pottery shop and make your own holiday serving plates.


    Buy it on Etsy for $34

  • Decorative Pillows 15 of 21
    il_570xN.384691704_k5a9 (1)

    Pillows are a great way to quickly and easily add a splash of color to any room. Add a pet theme and it is all the more fun! I recently bought some corgi pillow covers for my living room.


    Buy it on Etsy (This shop is on vacation, but they should be back soon!)

  • Winter Table Topper 16 of 21

    Table toppers are a great way to express your pet themed holiday. You can normally buy them in all sorts of patterns and looks and, if you are crafty, you can make your own by searching for pet themed fabrics. I particularly love this one from Etsy because it has a cute, winter cat theme and you don't have to put it away after the holiday. It allows you to celebrate a season instead of just the holiday at hand. 


    Buy it on Etsy for $12.50

  • Pet Ornaments 17 of 21

    Not ready for a full pet themed tree? Try a few ornaments based around your pets or your favorite animals. Perhaps have each family member pick out an ornament when you're shopping to honor a pet and make your decorations all the more special. 


    Photo Credit: JohnWDavisdJr

  • Dog Bone Wreath 18 of 21

    Here is another creative use for dog biscuits. Get crafty and make your own pet theme wreath using a form, fabric, bow, and dog biscuits. Try cat toys or other theme items instead for a different look.  


    Buy it on Etsy for $10

  • Specialty Napkins 19 of 21

    As with table toppers, if you are crafty, you can make your own napkins using fabric from a fabric store. Or, look for pet theme items such as these Santa napkins. If you look closely, you will see that the sleigh is pulled by tiny dachshunds!   


    Buy it on Etsy for $15

  • Gingerbread Doghouse 20 of 21

    Instead of making a regular gingerbread house, how about making a dog house? Here is an example of a Snoopy themed house, put together as a family project.


    Photo Credit: CJ Sorg

  • Pet Christmas Towels 21 of 21

    Holiday towels are available at many stores. If you keep your eyes open, you often can easily find a few pet themed ones. Pet stores, especially boutique pet stores, are another good source for these and so is Etsy. If you sew, these would also be a rather quick and easy DIY project. 


    Buy it on Etsy for $12

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