21 Awesome Corgis to Follow on Facebook

I confess, I am a Facebook addict. Part of what keeps me enthralled there are all of the fun pages that I follow, particularly pages run by animals. My own corgis, Ty and Eve, each have Facebook pages and, through those, they have made many new friends. Needless to say, many of those new friends are also fellow corgis.

Many pet pages on Facebook are just for silly fun, but they often do a lot of good as well. Among the numerous pet and animal pages that I follow on Facebook, a large number of them use their influence to help others. Some hold contests and fundraisers to raise money for animal charities. Others hold auctions to help pay the medical bills of pets in need. Yet others share their unique circumstances to raise awareness of various medical conditions or to address social issues such as the prevention of puppy mills and support for disabled pets.

The caring and charity that I have seen on Facebook, along with the just plain silly fun, has been particularly strong among what corgi lovers collectively refer to as corgi nation. In celebration of that, I am sharing this month a selection of some of my favorite Facebook corgis. There are plenty more that I couldn’t include, but if you follow this group, I assure you that it will lead you to many more equally wonderful pages of not just corgis, but all sorts of fun and inspiring pets.

The corgis below run the gamut from silly, whimsical, and fun, to charitable and inspiring. Let me introduce you to them and please give them a Facebook follow. At the end are two bonus pages to follow that are beloved by all those in corgi nation.

  • Awsome Facebook Corgis 1 of 24

    Facebook is full of fun, funny, and personable corgis. These are but a few of them. All photos are used with permission. Click the links in this slideshow to follow these wonderful corgis!


    Pictured: Spark Plug, Lord Tankson, and Denby

  • Tucker the Corgi Master 2 of 24

    Tucker is one of the best known corgis on Facebook, and for good reason. Tucker has a wonderful ability to put together fun and entertaining stories, complete with photos that span across many days and other Facebook pages. Following Tucker is like reading a good book and looking forward to the next chapter.

    Tucker is also inspiring.  Tucker helps care for his human dad, who is a stroke survivor, and he has worked on numerous occasions to bring prayers and help to others in need. His human Mom has also helped raise money for corgis in need. Tucker's page always puts others first. So, I put Tucker first here, because if I had to choose just one corgi among all the wonderful ones here to be followed, it would be him.


    Follow Tucker the Corgi Master on Facebook

  • Denby Dog 3 of 24

    Denby totally touches my heart. In 2005, this inspirational corgi lost his ability to eat, drink or blink. At age 12, he now faces degenerative myelopathy, a condition that causes progressive weakness, often starting in the rear limbs. Does all that slow him down? Nope! Denby is fed with the assistance of a tube and has a cart for mobility that is often decorated with fun signs. He loves to dress up in costume and share whimsical photos on his Facebook page.  

    Denby is proof that, while a disability in a pet has its challenges, it is is not always insurmountable, and the pet and owner can often still enjoy a full, quality life. When I asked his for permission to use his photo, he told me this: 

    "Changing hearts and opening minds" is my message. Special needs pups can accomplish so much more than what most people think. If I have touched just one heart, than I have succeeded in my mission: "To Infinity and Beyond!" Well, as I already noted, Denby has touched my heart. Follow him and let him touch yours.


    Follow Denby Dog on Facebook

  • Lord Tankson Mr Bunny Butt 4 of 24

    I have featured Lord Tankson before. Another inspiring, and incredibly cute corgi, Tankson uses a cart for mobility. He has painted pictures to help raise money for corgi charities and to help pay medical bills for corgis in need. But it isn't all seriousness with this guy. Here he is hanging around at the park and giving you a big smile to brighten your day. I smile every time that I see this wonderful little guy.


    Follow Lord Tankson on Facebook 

  • Benny Corgi Pants 5 of 24

    Benny Corgipants is truly an inspiration. Benny was rescued from a puppy mill where he was disfigured as a puppy when he was attacked and his injuries were not treated. Now in a loving forever home, he shares his fun antics on Facebook, while also serving as an important reminder of the evils of puppy mills and the importance of adoption, especially the adoption of disabled or disfigured animals who are easy to leave behind, yet could be the perfectly awesome pet. Follow Benny and you will see what I mean.


    Follow Benny Corgipants on Facebook

  • Chompers the (Super Cute) Corgi 6 of 24

    I previously declared Chompers the cutest corgi puppy ever. Not only is he cute, he models and poses with all sorts of fun props and in fun situations. Plus his human has some awesome photography skills. If you want to see hundreds of adorable corgi photos, Chomper's Facebook page is the place to be!


    Follow Chompers on Facebook

  • Bob Corgi 7 of 24

    Bob Corgi stars in an array of humorous ecards (corgEcards) and shares his escapades with his sister Lola on Facebook. You can also see some great Bob inspired corgi designs at his cafepress store. Bob always makes me laugh with his cards and I always look forward to the next one.


    Follow Bob Corgi on Facebook

  • Spark Plug 8 of 24

    Spark Plug is perhaps the funniest corgi on Facebook. Through his page, he shares numerous funny photos, situations, quips, and quotes, all with a good dose of bacon. His Ask Spark Plug group is equally amusing. Spark Plug also encourages aid for corgis in need and is active in the corgi community.


    Follow Spark Plug on Facebook
    Also Follow the Spark Plug Personal Page

  • Elphaba Louise, Cardiac Response Corgi 9 of 24

    Elphaba is a fascinating corgi. She is a service dog, trained as a cardiac response dog. This is an important task that requires specialized training. You can follow that training on her Facebook page.


    Follow Elphaba Louise, Cardiac Response Corgi Extraordinaire on Facebook

  • Iron Corgi Maggie Thatcher 10 of 24

    Maggie is a sweet Facebook girl who recently organized an auction to help raise money for fellow Facebook corgi Sherlock's medical bills. Maggie has shown great community spirit and caring in her endeavors to help fellow corgis and those in need. She also is just plain fun!


    Follow Maggie on Facebook 

  • Sherlock Corgi Tales 11 of 24

    Sherlock is just the cutest thing! I smile every time I see his adorable face pop up in my Facebook feed. Sherlock is always sharing fun photos and good thoughts for his corgi friends and followers.


    Follow Corgi Tales on Facebook

  • Astro Adventures 12 of 24

    Astro is an adventuresome guy. He enjoys the park, playground, and excels at posing for cute photos. He shares his adventures with the world through his Facebook page. I always look forward to seeing his handsome face grace my Facebook feed.


    Follow Astro Adventures on Facebook

  • Murphy Fluffypants 13 of 24

    Murphy loves to share humorous photos on Facebook. Recently he shared the corgi wedding of the century with his love Allie Sue Fluffypants, who happens to be Lord Tankson's sister. It was quite the event!


    Follow Murphy Fluffypants on Facebook

  • Benny Boots 14 of 24

    Benny Boots uses Facebook to share his experiences as a beef farmer in Wisconsin. Benny also has raised money for corgi charities such as Corgi Aid through fun endeavors such as his Eat like Benny Boots contests where the winners receive a package of meats from his farm.


    Follow Benny Boots on Facebook 

  • Wilson Waddlepants The Corgi 15 of 24

    Wilson Waddlepants is a total cutie! He shares his home with a canine sister and two feline brothers. That is quite a household! Wilson is a kind soul who thinks of others. I have Wilson to thank for first introducing me to Lord Tankson's page, something that I greatly appreciate!  When I was putting this list together he checked to be sure that Tucker would be on it, which, of course, I assured him that he was.


    Follow Wilson Waddlepants on Facebook

  • Gibson Corgi Butts 16 of 24

    Gibson is the corgi featured in the Corgi Butts blog. Each year Corgi Butts holds a contest and puts together an annual calendar to raise money for a corgi charity (this year is was Corgi Pals, more on them in a bit). I have had the honor of meeting Gibson in person at a local corgi meetup.

    Follow Corgi Butts on Facebook

  • Pipa Squeak 17 of 24

    Pipa is a darling girl who is always smiling. Her occupation is stay-at-home corgi and her top hobby is eating bacon. No surprise there!


    Follow Pipa Squeak on Facebook

  • Dylan Corgitude 18 of 24

    Dylan knows how to have fun and he does it with "corgitude!"  Dylan shares photos of his adventures, including with cats, on his Facebook page.


    Follow Dylan Corgitude on Facebook

  • The Lobo Lowdown 19 of 24

    Lobo is a fun loving guy who shares his antics with with his canine brothers Rocky and Tigger. Like all corgis, he spends a lot of time in pursuit of bacon. It is a common corgi theme!


    Follow The Lobo Lowdown on Facebook

  • Corgi Eve 20 of 24

    I am honored to share my home with Corgi Eve and act as her Facebook Secretary. Eve bills herself as a princess little dog with no tail. Indeed, a picture of her with a tiara can be found on her page.


    Follow Corgi Eve on Facebook 

  • Gwendolyn Rose Corgi 21 of 24

    Gwendolyn Rose is a beautiful and photogenic girl with a number of beautiful Facebook photos. Like my own Corgi Eve, I think she has a princess streak, and rightfully so! My corgi Ty has a crush on her. 


    Follow Gwendolyn Rose Corgi on Facebook

  • Ty at Puppy on a Roomba 22 of 24

    When Ty first entered our home he was a frightened little puppy who climbed up on anything he could find, I guess to try to get a better view. The Roomba happened to be there, and up he went. We took him off, he got back on, we took him off, he got back on. Then we got the camera and, a short time later, Puppy on a Roomba came into being. Ty is too big to sit on the Roomba now, but he still likes to keep track of it!


    Follow Puppy on a Roomba on Facebook

  • The Daily Corgi 23 of 24

    The first of two bonus items! The Daily Corgi is not an individual corgi, it is hundreds and thousands of corgis! This Facebook page and blog is just what it says it is, a daily dose of corgis. Each day a new corgi is featured. Also featured are fundraisers and specials to help corgis in need. If you love corgis, The DailyCorgi is a must follow.


    Follow The Daily Corgi on Facebook
    Visit The Daily Corgi Blog

  • Corgi Pals 24 of 24

    The second bonus item, CorgiPals, is a 501(c)(3) charity that raises money to pay for the medical bills of corgis in need. CorgiPals was formed by Paige Davis, the owner of Facebook corgis Dexter Jaymz and Violet Ellen. Over the past couple of years, the charity has helped numerous corgis get the medical attention that they need.


    Follow CorgiPals on Facebook
    View Corgis in need at CorgiPals

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