21 Stocking Stuffers for Your Pet

Do you hang up stockings for your pet? I do, although I admit that I normally give them their stocking stuffers separately. I like to drop a bunch in a bag and let the dogs retrieve them!

Stocking stuffer items are great as holiday pet gifts because they are affordable, portable for giving to pets at family functions, and they are easy to find. Below are 21 stocking stuffers for your pets with purchase links, although you can also find these or very similar items at your local pet store or big box retailer.

  • Pet Stocking Stuffers 1 of 22

    Fun, small, and affordable holiday items for your pet. 

  • Holiday Cat Teaser 2 of 22

    Cats love these types of toys and this one is extra fun and festive all done up in holiday colors. Let it peek out of a stocking or bag and your cat will probably perform all sorts of tricks trying to get to it! 


    Buy it at Petsmart for $5.59

  • Holiday Dog Cookies 3 of 22

    Dogs love their cookies, and what better way to help them get their fix than with specially decorated holiday dog biscuits? These have pet-safe frosting to keep your pet healthy and safe. Normal cookies for humans can upset your dog's tummy or contain ingredients that are hazardous to your pet. 

    Buy it at Petsmart for $3.49

  • Christmas Mice 4 of 22

    I have never seen a cat that did not love toy mice. One of my former cats used to go through them rather quickly, so I would buy packages such as this one for her every year at Christmas.


    Buy it at Petsmart for $6.99

  • Puppy Pop 5 of 22

    This cute lollipop is not for children, it is for your pup! It combines a treat with a rawhide stick for the handle. This is best for smaller dogs, since large dogs would likely ingest the handle too quickly.  


    Buy it at Petsmart for $2.44

  • Holiday Floppy Toy 6 of 22

    My corgis shred anything with stuffing, so I always get them floppy toys with no stuffing inside. Those toys also happen to fit nicely in a stocking. This one even has a holiday theme.


    Buy it at Petsmart for $3.49

  • Rawhide Candy Canes 7 of 22

    Rawhide canes are always great stocking stuffers or small gifts. Hang them over the side of a stocking or a bag as decoration. These particular canes are better for smaller dogs based on their size. However, you can often finder larger versions for bigger dogs quite easily. 


    Buy it at Petsmart for $2.79

  • Ornament Collar 8 of 22

    Here is a standard cat collar with an ornament for the tag and a holiday theme for the band. It is a great way to dress your pet up simply by switching out collars for the holiday season. It will also fit nicely in a stocking.


    Buy it at Petsmart for $5.99

  • Disney Bows With Bells 9 of 22

    These Disney-themed bows with bells can be used as hair bows or put on a collar or leash as decoration. I love things like this on the leash, since they brighten things up without having to worry that my dogs will chew or eat the item.  


    Buy it at Petsmart for $4.99

  • Bag of Treats 10 of 22

    A bag filled with holiday themed pet biscuits is sure to make any cat or dog happy. You can also make your own by buying colored treats in bulk and filling up your own bags.  


    Buy it at Petsmart for $1.49

  • Christmas Rawhide 11 of 22

    It is easy to dress a rawhide up with a bow and turn it into the perfect holiday gift for your dog. Just be sure to remove the bow before allowing your dog to start chewing. You can do this one yourself or buy the version that's already been decorated. 


    Buy it at Petsmart for $12.59

  • Fleece Mickey Toy 12 of 22

    Many dogs go nuts for fleece toys. This toy combines the fun of fleece with a stuffed Mickey Mouse, all done up for the holidays. It is great for any dog that loves stuffed toys.


    Buy it at Petsmart for $4.97

  • Cat Toy Pack 13 of 22

    Bags of assorted toys are a good way to quickly fill a pet's stocking. This is just one example of the type of premade packages you can purchase. These allow you to do some one-stop shopping and be ready to go. 


    Buy it at Petsmart for $6.99

  • Fish Toys 14 of 22

    Fluff and feathers always makes cats happy. These toys put both of those items together and add in some holiday color for good measure. Let your cat go fishing in her stocking for these fun fishies.


    Buy it at Petsmart for $5.99

  • Snow Flake Tennis Balls 15 of 22

    I have a number of these. Dogs love tennis balls, and the holiday season is a great time to stock up on new ones. Put them in the bottom of the stocking and make your dog work to get them out. Or simply fill a bag full and watch the fun as your dog unwraps it.


    Buy it at Petsmart for $4.19

  • Festive Harness 16 of 22

    Take your dog out for a walk in festive style this holiday season! This standard harness is all dressed up in holiday colors with the addition of a festive bow tie. Tuck this in a stocking or bag to make any dog owner happy. 


    Buy it at Petsmart for $11.99

  • Christmas Collar 17 of 22

    Holiday-themed collars are a quick and easy way to dress up your pet. They also are less intrusive and safer than a lot of the apparel items.


    Buy it at Petsmart for $7.79

  • Fashionable Felines 18 of 22

    Pet apparel are big holiday items. For cats, jingle collars such as this one are fun but not too terribly intrusive to your pet. However, be sure to always supervise your pets when they are wearing decorative items.  


    Buy it at Petsmart for $4.89

  • Disney Dog Scarf 19 of 22

    I love this unique scarf! It has Minnie Mouse hiding in the tie! This is perfect for those pet owners who want to have a bit of fun dressing up their dog. As with all pet apparel, only let your dog wear this when he or she can be supervised. 


    Buy it at Petsmart for $10.49

  • Toy Christmas Bear 20 of 22

    For dogs that like stuffed animals, small stuffies are great holiday gifts. This bear is dressed up in holiday green and red, and would look very cute peeking out of the top of a stocking.


    Buy it at Petsmart for $11.99-$16.99

  • Disney Dog Scrunchie 21 of 22

    This large scrunchie will fit comfortably on your dog and is cute without being uncomfortable. The green bow is very festive. As always, however, be sure to supervise your pet when he or she is wearing it.


    Buy it at Petsmart for $6.49

  • Don’t Forget the Stocking! 22 of 22

    So now that you have all these stocking stuffers, do you have a stocking? If not, here is a cute one for you! 


    Buy it at Petsmart for $3.49

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