24 Dogs Having Fun With Geocaching

I have been a geocacher for many years and I volunteer for the website. I also have involved my dogs in the game.

Geocaching is a high tech treasure hunt game in which players use a GPS device or a GPS smart phone app to find containers hidden in parks and woods. Players take part by hiding “caches” consisting of a watertight container that holds a logbook and perhaps a few family friendly trinkets and toys. The coordinates for the location of the cache are uploaded to the geocaching website where other players then use the information to find the cache, sign the log, and trade items in it. It is a fun family friendly activity that gets you outdoors and takes you to new places. I highly recommend trying it!

Geocaching is also a great outdoor activity for your dog. If your dog likes to hike and explore, geocaching can be a fun activity for you to enjoy with your pet. Indeed, many geocachers take their dogs with them on cache hunts.

If you would like to try geocaching, visit to get started. There, you can find geocaches to find for yourself and learn the rules of the game. For example, caches are never buried and are not hidden in places or ways that are likely to cause problems. Pick a nearby cache, head out with your dog, sign the log, trade some trinkets, and have some fun! You can also find geocaching events where you can meet people involved with the game.

Here are 24 dogs geocaching to give you an idea of the fun to be had!

  • Geocaching Dogs 1 of 25
    geocaching dogs
  • A Winter View 2 of 25

    Shylo Geo Dog looks out on a beautiful winter view from a cache site.


    Photo Credit: Shylo Geo dog


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  • Mr Collin the Blind Geocaching Dog and Friends 3 of 25

    Mr. Collin is a blind geocaching dog, but that doesn't stop him from finding the cache! Here he is with his friends Charlie and Daisy. Mr. Collin was adopted from the rescue organization Because of Mandy and is a perfect example of why an animal's disability need not deter you from adopting a pet.


    Photo Credit: Mr Collin (the blind geocaching dog) and his friends, Charlie and Daisy


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  • MakingFriends at Events 4 of 25

    My lab Molly makes friends at a geocaching event. Both are wearing geocaching dog bandannas. 

  • Dogs Geocaching at the Beach 5 of 25

    Here are Mr Collin, Charlie and Daisy geocaching on the beach.


    Photo Credit: Mr Collin (the blind geocaching dog) and his friends, Charlie and Daisy


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  • Rocky Mountain Hiking 6 of 25

    This photo of myself and Molly appeared in The Bark Magazine's article on geocaching, where you can read some tips on caching with your pet. 

  • Washington State Caching 7 of 25

    Tulu does some Washington beach caching.


    Photo Credit: Moun10Bike and MntGoat50

  • Mingo 8 of 25

    Mina the Geocaching Dog finds the oldest existing geocache, Mingo.


    Photo Credit: Team Mina


  • Geocaching Dog Rides in Style 9 of 25

    If the going gets rough on the hike, ride in the backpack!


    Photo Credit: Love

  • Yorkie Makes a Find 10 of 25

    Yorkie Metro finds a cache that is almost bigger than he is!


    Photo credit: Bob Stembridge (aka RainbowCache)

  • Caching by the River 11 of 25
    shylo bike

    Shylo hangs out near a scenic river during a cache hunt.


    Photo Credit: Shylo Geo dog


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  • CITO Dog 12 of 25

    Geocachers practice CITO (Cache In Trash Out) where trash is picked up either informally during cache hunts or as part of formal CITO events that are organized to clean up parks. Here, Foster shows off his skills by serving as a CITO mascot!


    Photo credit: Love

  • Geared Up and Ready to Go 13 of 25

    Grimm is ready for his cache hunt hike!


    Photo Credit: Brad Simmons (aka Monkey Brad

  • Nebraska Cache Find 14 of 25

    My friend Jodi and Molly find a Nebraska geocache while traveling toward Colorado.

  • 10K Find 15 of 25

    A proud find by canine and owner. This was find number 10,000! 


    Photo Credit: Dennis Mott (aka DMflyer)

  • A Search in the Woods 16 of 25

    Fred helps out on a wooded geocache hunt for the geocache Stegosaurus.


    Photo Credit: Wimseyguy

  • Bulli the Wonder Dog 17 of 25

    Bulli the Wonder Dog waits for visitors to an event. Bulli was a well known geocaching dog who passed on recently. I am glad that I had the pleasure of previously meeting him!


    Photo Credit: Team NAB

  • Found It! 18 of 25

    Corgi Ty (aka Little Dog With No Tail) and Molly find a geocache in Illinois. 

  • Caching in Ireland 19 of 25

    Rosie loves to get outside hiking and caching in beautiful Ireland.


    Photo credit: dino-irl

  • Is it in There? 20 of 25

    Is it in there? Is it?


    Photo Credit Matt Godwin (aka: Big Matt and Shell

  • Geocaching Pug 21 of 25

    Zowei is a geocaching pug. All breeds in all shapes and sizes can enjoy caching.


    Photo Credit: firennice (geocaching profile: firennice)

  • Searching in a Tree 22 of 25

    Geocaches are often hidden in the hollows of fallen trees. 


    Photo Credit: John Trilik and Knobby (aka Panther in the Den

  • Shilo is Ready to Go 23 of 25

    Shilo is on leash, geared up, and ready to search!


    Photo Credit: Ellen Bloomfield 

  • Family Fun 24 of 25

    Kids, dogs, and geocaching are a great mix!


    Photo Credit: Kiwimonster

  • Thanks for Finding Us! 25 of 25

    Thanks for finding this! Now take your dog and find some geocaches! Also, if you liked this slideshow, please share it!


    Photo Credit: Love

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